Very disappointed with the v3.0 plans


I have been very disappointed with the v3.0 plans.

My wife and I each had a phone on RW v2.0 and for both phones we were paying about $25/month. I loved it! Awesome!! We had the auto wifi login when going into Lowes/HD/Kroger and especially for me when I got to work.

We had to replace one phone so we decided to replace both. Went to Motorola’s web site and bought two MotoG4+ and got no interest from Motorola for 24 months. My RW bill on v3.0 more than doubled as we went to the 2gb each plan. Even with my beta plan discount for one phone, we are now paying about $65/month for 2gb each and no auto wifi login. GSM coverage according to the maps is supposed to blanket where I live. Guess what? It doesn’t. Especially around my house and on my route to/from work. My wife is ready to string me up with the RW service since going to the new phones.

So I walked into an AT&T and VZW store (on separate days) and priced out their plans. I get 24% discount at both because of where I work. AT&T with the discount would come to about $60 without taxes so probably comparable to what I pay now, except it is for 3gb SHARED data. VZW was similar, except for 4gb SHARED data. So I think I’m sticking around.

The other day I was talking to an accountant at work and she said she just left VZW and a $250/month bill with about 18gb data and 5 phones. Her 13yo son was going through that data in 2 weeks catching her off guard on more than one occasion. She told me about one of the Walmart services that rides on VZW towers and I went to investigate. She put him on his own plan and the rest of the family is sharing data on one of the shared plans with huge savings. BTW, VZW really does blanket the area that I live in as I used to have VZW 15 years ago.

This Total Wireless Walmart plan gives us 8gb SHARED data so now even I don’t have to be so WiFi conscience. Our phones go with us to this service and if I pay by credit card (which I already do now) they discount the $60/month fee to $57/month.

Why should I stay with RW? My wife is anxious to move on. Happy wife happy life. My bill will stay the same. The only difference will be that we SHARE 8gb instead of having only 2gb each. Also, since I was told that the auto WiFi login is very unlikely to return and that I will have to use the WiFi Web Login app to regain that capability, there really is no reason I can think of to stay.

  1. I joined RW in July 2013 while it was still in beta and really liked the concept.
  2. I switched to my first really effective smart phone in the first MotoG in April 2014.
  3. I switched to the v2.0 billing plan and couldn’t believe how much I was saving!! Awesome!!
  4. I went to the MotoG4+ this past September and really like this phone, but the GSM service is pathetic next to the Sprint service (never thought I’d hear myself say that!), and my bill more than doubled. Not only that, but I lost the most effective tool in the RW arsenal, Auto WiFi login.

So based upon my narrative, what incentive do I have to stay?


I can see no reason to stay. You don’t have a working cell signal.

You should be able to take your two Motorola G4 phones to Total wireless for the cost of a SIM. Go to Total Wireless’s web site and enter the serial numbers to verify they will accept the phones.

The only downside to Total Wireless is that I don’t believe you have any roaming available. But with Verizon’s coverage, maybe that’s not an issue.


Hi @grench

Absolutely love the narrative.

I think this community and RW understands and respects that each customer must do what is best for themselves and their families.

3.0 is hit-and-miss in my observation. It depends on your situation/preference before the 3.0 launch. For some it is great/finally, others not so much.

Unfortunately for me, I happen to be in a small pocket with no GSM coverage at home. My X2 however is a great phone on 1.0/2.0 so my XPure and I patiently wait for a game changer. That may or may not materialize, it remains to be seen.

I figure if I am going to give money to a provider, I choose to support them for now.

Not sure if that answers your question, but that is the best I can come up with.

[edit: I am going to move a lifetime RW/Moto smartphone user tomorrow to Huawei and 3.0 … not sure how this is going to work out ].


Best Buy has TracFone SIM cards for $1, all you need to activate your phone on total Wireless.

I activated my wife’s Moto X pure on total Wireless I used their website easy peasy.


So he is saying on the 3.0 plans it does not automatically go to wifi?


We show some signal where we live, but coming and going down the street from our house calls drop constantly which I think is worse than no service at all. It is most annoying on the drive to and from work all the calls I drop. I have a 2016 Chevy Equinox with 4gLTE service in the car from AT&T. During November and December AT&T gave me 60 min free voice calling and that service is pretty clear. Use my phone’s bluetooth in the car on the RW GSM service and calls drop all the time. Even not on bluetooth calls drop.


My 3.0 Moto X Pure automatically connects to all my saved private WiFi routers. Apparently as reported by others the 3.0 phones don’t do the same on public networks.


When in the house our WiFi seems to work as before. But I definitely had a much better signal on Sprint than the GSM service could even dream of providing. If only they would have Sprint step up to the v3.0 plans we’d probably not leave. I work at a hospital and they provide a separate WiFi for patients and guests (HIPPA requirement) and that is what I connect to on my phone. Only problem with it is it is Wireless G and by lunch time it slows to such a crawl that calls are affected. This is not RW’s issue, but both AT&T and VZW have installed antennas in the hospital and their customers (and Sprint roaming customers) have actual cell service in the hallowed halls.


That’d be nice, but my closest Best Buy is over 40 miles away and you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Walmart around here.


Going to Verizon or AT&T or one of their mvno’s may not help you, since you will not have wifi calling on your phone then. If you need that at home or elsewhere (doesn’t sound like you would at work), then only RW would provide it for your new phone. Same problem I had after I left Fi with my Nexus 6P, nobody other than T-Mobile (not useful for me), Fi, and RW would provide my phone with wifi calling. So I needed to change phones, so that I’d have wifi calling on Verizon, since neither Fi or RW worked out for me. So no more Nexus 6P (too bad), but the phone I ended up with isn’t too bad. However, if and when RW adds Sprint, I could use RW again, only I’d have ot get a different phone smile.

Isn’t life interesting?


If you had 2 phones for a combined $25/month under 2.0, you were using only a couple hundred MB of data. If you needed 2 GB plan on each 3.0 phone, that sounds like a big change in usage, so not really a fair comparison to say your bill doubled.


donp.p wrote:

If you had 2 phones for a combined $25/month under 2.0, you were using only a couple hundred MB of data. If you needed 2 GB plan on each 3.0 phone, that sounds like a big change in usage, so not really a fair comparison to say your bill doubled.

Agreed. You would think they would choose the Republic 1 GB plans at $20 each for a total of $40 plus tax/fees.


I can see no reason for them to stay.** They don’t have a usable cell signal!**

So unless Republic is going to put the phones on Sprint for them, the phones are useless for their needs.


Sounds like you found an awesome plan - twice the data for a lower price, and better coverage to boot! Thanks for sharing it with us all.


I’m considering Total Wireless as well, since we travel a lot and regardless of what T-Mobile says about covering most of Verizon’s customer base, that is definitely not my experience. We often find ourselves in places where Verizon is the only option. Right now I have my wife’s phone on RW’s 2.0/Sprint plan and my Nexus 6P on RW’s 3.0/T-Mobile plan, and between the 2 carriers we still don’t seem to have the coverage that Verizon provides. Our bill would go up a bit on Total Wireless, but Verizon’s coverage would be a big enough plus for us to offset that. When I came to RW a few years ago the savings were significant. However, today things are much more competitive (thanks, I’m sure, to MVNO’s like RW), so RW is no longer the slam dunk for me that it once was. When the $$$ difference on a couple of phones is down to $10-$20, then it becomes more about coverage, functionality, and service than it is about the money. For me anyway. And it would be wonderful to have reliable MMS texting, which has always been a bit hit and miss on RW.

I still like the premise of RW and probably won’t be considering a move until it is time to replace my wife’s Moto-X (2nd gen). We’ll see what RW’s pricing plans look like at that time. Maybe if they bring back the refund for unused data the price will once again be significant enough to warrant staying.

In any case, @grench, if you make the move to Total Wireless please post back here once you have had a few weeks worth of experience with TW. I would love to hear what you think about it.


I learned something else about this Total Wireless plan. They are primarily geared towards taking business directly from VZW. If your phone is coming from VZW they accept it without question. Ours are not. I did explain that I purchased them directly from Motorola and the phones were listed as being compatible with most all networks, ie. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, VZW and I believe the last one was AllTel. She checked my serial number and verified it would work.

Gonna try the switch tonight.

As for going up to the 2gb account and not doing the 1gb account: We were starting to use more data and I figured if the refunds were going away, less incentive to use less. So we’ll see.


I will try. Don’t know if my login will remain or not after we go. Good luck to you.


So, unlike me, you have been cured of being an compulsively ultra frugal data user. I hope Total Wireless works out well for you.


Well, I finally pulled the trigger on swapping to Total Wireless (TW) on this past Tuesday, 1/3/2017. Here it is Saturday 1/7/2017 and still no service from TW. I got an email this morning from RW indicating that RW service for my wife’s phone has been canceled. Mine? No. TW keeps telling me that our phone numbers are land lines and could take up to two weeks to transfer. Funny thing about that, we have had our current phone numbers since 2002 and guess where they came from? Verizon Wireless. LNP was not available in 2002 so I had to give up my previous wireless phone number to move to VZW. Since then I have ported these numbers to Sprint (when I was employed there in 2006), and then RW in 2013 and both ports only took 2 - 4 hours to complete. I will have to get back on the phone with TW to figure out why we are getting no service in a very strong VZW coverage area.

This has been a very frustrating process.


I can’t speak to anything else you are experiencing with Total Wireless. I will say they are correct that Republic numbers are classified as landlines (wireline is the more correct telecom term). This is true of all Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers and is a regulatory (FCC) classification.

I’m amused that they tell you it will take up to two weeks to complete a number transfer. T-Mobile manages to transfer “landlines” in under 24 hours. No reason Verizon Wireless (Total Wireless’ underlying carrier) can’t match that. They just don’t. You might ask to speak with a porting specialist and pose the question as to whether they’ve received Firm Order Commitment (FOC) from Republic. If so, the date of transfer should be attached to the FOC.