Very dissapointed with RW customer service, sadly its the last straw

I have had two very bad experiences with RW and this last one is the last straw.

My first one happened several years ago ( I have been a member for a long time). RW mistakenly canceled my account and gave my phone number to someone else. They initially told me that there was no way for me to get my number back but the case got elevated to someone who knew better and it was taken care of, and I was given several months of free service for the hassle.

Last Thur I found that somehow someone with US Cellular was given my phone number again! It was very odd this time in that they were getting all my text messages and I was getting the phone calls (including those meant for him). I logged the problem with RW Thur afternoon. A community expert tried to help but soon realized he could do nothing. It was elevated to an RW employee who several hours later asked me to provide the same info to her and then told me to erase the cache on my phone. She soon realized she didn’t know what to do and elevated it to the crack team of experts. Fri morning at 10:30 I hadn’t heard back from anyone so I messaged them again to see what was going on. At 12:30 I got a response that the experts wanted me to send them a screen save of the texts between my wife and the guy who had my number (my wife is the one who found out the problem). I sent it. Friday night I asked if there was any progress. No, not yet. Saturday late morning I messaged RW again and asked what was going on. I got a response several hours later that the experts were still working on it, and she was giving me $10 off my bill. I asked what the experts had found out so far and if they were indeed working on it over the weekend. She responded that no, in fact, they don’t work over the weekend. My problem wouldn’t be addressed until next monday at the earliest.

I was once a vocal supporter of RW to my family and friends but they have all left due to poor service. I am the last holder on and was willing to put up with occasional glitches due to the low cost. I have had enough now, this is not worth the few dollars saved. I am going somewhere that actually provides dependable service and prompt customer care when needed. Good bye RW, it was nice for awhile.


Hi @keithk.9qvxuh,

Thanks for your feedback.

I’m sorry to see that this experience has resulted in such a loss of confidence in our service. The team working on your issue is staffed on the weekend, and I believe the reply you received stating otherwise was due to the fact that there hasn’t been a reply yet today from that team. The lack of reply does not indicate that the investigation is not ongoing.

The issue has actually been escalated to a company we partner with, to investigate the text message routing and to try to determine why text messages directed to you would be routed to another phone. This experience does not mean your number was again given away, but that somewhere in the routing process, beyond the reach of Republic Wireless something is definitely out of sorts.

It appears you’ve mentioned in your ticket that the issue is now solved, is that correct?

I’ll definitely pass your feedback along to the team that is investigating your issue as well as the agent who told you that team was unavailable on the weekends.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to earn your trust again. We’re very sorry to see you move elsewhere due to this very unusual situation.

Here is the message below from tech support regarding weekend work:

Hey Keith,

Thanks so much for responding back to us. i definitely understand your frustration and wanting to know the progress of this issue. At this time because we have escalated it to another department we are now waiting on any updates to let you know the next steps. We do not have any information at this time and the partner support team is not opened on the weekend. We will keep you updated with any and all information we receive. The invoice for the credit is INV18599286.

If you need any additional assistance please feel free to reach back out to us, we’d be happy to help.


I find it odd that your staff doesn’t realize that the “experts” are working on the weekend. Why was US Cellular able to take care of the issue promptly for their customer when they went in to their store, but RW is unable to make any head way over three days?! I’m afraid its pretty sad.

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Yes, I reviewed your ticket and saw that reply.

Let’s not confuse terms, since we have people commonly referred to as “Experts” (who took your question originally) who are not the team to whom your issue was sent.

Your question was sent to another company. A company we partner with for call and text routing. Our teams do not know their work schedule and were making an assumption based on the fact that they have not replied today. I have, however, seen a reply from the partner team in another ticket and know that some of their engineers are working today.

If US Cellular was able to take care of the issue promptly, that would suggest the issue was on their end.

I am guessing here since I just got into looking at this.

The issue was probably that US cellular entered, incorrectly, a number in their network (your number) that they do not own and then issued it to their new customer. When they did that they pulled the number routing to themselves for SMS/MMS purposes but since they do not own the number (we still do and always have) calling would never work for their user. They user would have noticed this since only US Cellular to US Cellular calling would have worked.

For us to fix the issue, we would have to re-broadcast the number to the various SMS/MMS networks which can take up to 72 hours to complete. For US Cellular to fix it they probably just issued a new number to their subscriber. I am sure the store did not fix it, they probably just issued the user a new number. The fastest fix was in US Cellular’s court because their systems probably caused all of this.

Without doing a bunch of research, this would be my guess. I think we should still do the re-broadcast and work with the numbering translations team since some of the SMS network may still be sideways. I also would want to have a carrier to carrier conversation with US Cellular to understand why they have numbers in their systems that they do not own and make sure they audit to make sure they do not have more of them.

I am sorry you went through this, this is the first time I have ever seen a number on two networks without a port request involved.


You are both correct in that US Cellular corrected the issue by giving the guy a new number. My point was that they had someone available to talk to who took care of an issue. I appreciate that you guys are responding to me today, on the weekend, but the fact remains that you couldn’t fix it and that I have heard not one word back from the folks that are supposed to be fixing it, and an RW employee told me (as shown above) that the people who can fix it don’t work on weekends. This seems like a pretty big over sight on her part if they really do work on weekends, woudln’t you agree?

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I am not sure they fully understood the issue. It was not a porting issue and they escalate as a porting issue. Thinking, as you did, that the number was given to another carrier through normal porting process, but that was not the case.

In my 25 years in telephony I have never seen a company give away a number as new that they did not own. There are too many safeguards against it. All carriers automate this process to keep the carriers straight.

I will be looking into this and will be looking at our escalation process.

If I would have known what it was I would have suggested the user of US Cellular go get a new number from their store or from support. Since that was the fastest way to fix it.

One question, were you ever, in the past, a US Cellular customer? I am just wondering how the number got into their network to begin with. We are not related to them so it is not systematic.

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Yes, I was a US Cellular customer many years ago before I went to RW.

Sounds like they never purged it from their systems fully.


So it sounds like this was a US Cellular screw up. Fixed by US Cellular. And at the end of the day nothing at all to do with Republic?

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I’m afraid you’re missing my point. Yes, it was apparently a problem originated by US Cellular, whether it was contributed by something RW did to make my number available or not is unknown. My problem with RW is the fact that it took the “experts” 5 days to get back to me. I need better customer support than that.

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I really think you’re angry with the wrong company. US Cellular never properly removed your number from their systems. They then attempted to steal your number from you. This sort of thing isn’t supposed to happen, so when it does it takes a while to figure out. It’s a bit like blaming the police detective and GM for taking too long to find your stolen car.

Hi @louisdi,

Although this was an incredibly unusual situation, I think @keithk.9qvxuh’s point is that even in your analogy, the police detective would have been available on the weekend, and the message from the agent in this case was that nothing could be done before Monday.

We do have escalation processes, and we will review them for improvement based on @keithk.9qvxuh’s feedback. But the experience here did not meet our member’s expectations, or ours, and he has understandably experienced a loss of confidence in our service.


Thank you Southpaw, you have summed up my experience and concerns very well. I hope louisdi “expert” can begin to understand my concern over what happened after the 5th telling of the story.


She stated that the partner support team- which is later disclosed to be US Cellular- is not opened on the weekend. I still don’t understand the anger at Republic for this response? Their support is probably closed, and they may have a person on call, but Republic can’t control when US Cellular support teams work, and they were the ones that had to fix it, since they ■■■■ it up in the first place. Looks to me like you should be mad at US Cellular and extend some grace to Republic.

The partner support team, I believe, it at Republic’s carrier partner,

Oh ok, thanks for the clarification.

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