Very little service in Bermuda over WiFi

Just a comment and FYI for others who may try to use Republic while in Bermuda.

We have both a Moto G and Moto X and for our entire trip cell phone/txt was virtually useless. Even the time did not work as the phone showed us 5 hours later than actual. Bermuda is only 1 hour ahead of EDT.

We took a cruse to Bermuda and while on the ship, I did not expect any service but did expect the time to be correct. While on the island, we tried both free WiFi and paid WiFi but were only able to make one phone call over the free WiFi and text messages [without photos] were very erratic sometimes taking more than a day to go out.

While on the Paid WiFi service we had rock solid signal according to the phones and the same with cell service. However, when attempting to make a phone call [hopefully using WiFi Voip] the call would fail because it could not connect with the cell service. I thought that was the whole thing with using WiFi whenever possible.

So, I remain firm in my belief that smart phones are great for many things as long as you don’t try to use them as phones. Maybe in the 22nd century but certainly not now.

The service is entirely and completely dependent on the network. Latency, blocked ports, etc etc can all cause issues and make calling impossible. I had tremendous luck making calls all over Europe on a Moto G1. And the same phone I had nearly no luck in the Bahamas. Unfortunately, when you’re relying on someone else’s infrastructure there isn’t much that Republic or you can do.

Time is controlled by the tier you are connected to, so no tower no ties no automatic time. You can set the time offset in settings for times like this. Time settings can also mess up MMS so that could be one issue.

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Then WiFi is not a viable alternative for Voip but it sure should be especially when it is a paid for service

For text/msg with photos [never worked] latency should never be an issue. Bermuda is one of the most wired counties in the world with over 75% of their population on the internet. It is not some 3rd world hole.

Sean’s answer regarding time is likely the culprit on the MMS side.

Your complaint about wifi not being a good alternative is a complaint for those wifi networks. You can look at the forums for many many stories about people traveling all over the world and using wifi to call/text home. In the majority of cases it works quite well. I haven’t been to Bermuda since the old Mermaid Beach Club closed, but wifi or internet ubiquity says nothing about the capabilities of the network. While the island is well wired, like everything else there bandwidth is very expensive, and network operators may block the ports necessary for certain streaming services (such as calling) in order to reduce usage on their networks.

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Yes seanr regarding the time needing a cell service and there was one on the ship but it was $$$$$$$$$. Photos we took during the trip all had erratic times assigned to them because of this issue and some photos time traveled into the future.
TBi service available for purchase for1,2,3 days at the Royal Naval Dockyard and supposed to be covered over the entire 24 sq mile island did not work so Republic buyers beware you just may have to go cold turkey without cell phone service in Bermuda.

The time does not need cellular. It needs cellular to automatically set the offset, but you can manually set that. That is the same for ALL cell phones, they get time from towers. No towers no automatic time adjustment.

I feel your anger, sounds like the Internet on the boat and island were blocking ports needed for streaming service. Did you reach out to their forums to warn their customers? Remember on other carriers it would also be cold turkey, we have more of a chance to work but if the Internet is not capable then we will also have challenges.

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