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Brand new G Play 2021 - my wife’s. Just activated yesterday and all apps updated. Everything works fine, but very, very low volume on the Notification tone, regardless of which ring tone is selected. You can hardly hear it unless you’re right next to the phone. Did an RW “chat” and no help. The Tech tried testing the speaker [OK] and a hard reboot. A help ticket has been opened [2106430 ].

My internet research indicates that this low volume on Notifications sounds is a problem with many phone brands, including Pixel 4a [my new one is shipping from RW today - lol]. From what I’ve read, several Android versions ago, Google dropped a separate setting for Notification sound. The only “fixes” I’ve seen are getting new ring tones that are louder than what comes from the phone. Any ideas? Thanks!

Looks like there’s an app for that … in fact man 4+ can be found in Notification Sound increase at Googles Play Store
Check them out and let the community know which works for you, it’s how we learn.


Read dozens. Tried a few. Couldn’t find any that actually addressed increasing volume on Notifications. I suppose it has to do with Android having deleted this feature several versions ago. I’m open to all ideas. Nothing from RW yet except trying in safe mode - which didn’t work.

Sorry, it didn’t uncover a solution, I don’t have either a Moto G Play (nor the problem). The suggested use of Safe Mode is never meant to be a fix, and is only recommended as a diagnostic tool to eliminate 3rd party apps as a cause


I agree that it looks like the separate volume setting has been removed, but I never had a phone where that setting actually accomplished anything. Although you could slide the notification volume to a different level than the ringtone volume, upon re-opening the setting, they’d be back to the same level, and never sounded at different levels.

Is the problem that you do hear the ringtone, but not the notification? Or are both ringtones and notification tones nearly impossible to hear?

I’m not sure our Help Team will be the experts on this matter, since it’s not related to our service. Have you tried contacting Motorola’s support?

Southpaw: “Help” was no help. We can hear all ringtones, including the Notifications. All volumes work well, except the Notification tone. It’s so low you almost have to be sitting next to the phone to hear it.
“Help” suggested contacting Moto. This same problem is reported on the internet for the 4a I have on order from RW. I hope not! Maybe we’ll have to try [ugh] Samsung.

Thanks for the reply. I did know why “Help” wanted to try in safe mode.

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Hi @awolf,

I don’t think I did a very good job of asking what I was trying to ask.

When the phone rings for an incoming call, are you able to hear the ringtone from across the room?

And then without any adjustment to volume, if a text message comes in, you would not hear the notification tone from across the room?

Where are you adjusting the notification tone?

The ring tone is fine on phone calls. You can hear it from outside the house if turned up all the way! I’ll scare the ■■■■ out of you if you are sitting right next to the phone. And with ALL volumes turned up to the max, the Notification tone can still only be heard if you’re almost right next to the phone. I’m going to try to add an "extra loud’ “text message” tone app from the Play store to the Moto today and try that. It’s reported that that works for some. If it helps, I’ll post the results here for all.
This problem has been reported for many models of at least Moto, One Plus, Samsung, and Pixel phones. One tech article claims the code for the separate notification volume is still there, and Google is looking into adding the separate Notification volume control back on at least Pixels. But that may be “the check’s in the mail” from Google. :joy: I’m also going to check with Moto.

I installed Text Message Sounds by Crystal Clear Ringtones from the Play Store. I found it on a YouTube addressing the Notification sound problem. It helped, somewhat. It probably didn’t increase volume, but the tone is a bit louder and runs longer than what’s included with the Moto. I’ll let my wife try it for a while and decide if she can live with it. I still have to email Moto. If I get anything of assistance, I’ll let you know.

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FYI - Contacted Moto. They had me clear the cache and storage for both the message and phone apps, and then do a HARD reboot, where I had to hold the power button down for a full minute. No help. The tech didn’t know what else to do and defaulted to a factory reset on a phone that’s only a couple of days old - with no guarantees, of course. I declined. My wife is mulling over the idea of just returning it and trying another phone.
Thanks for your help.

Problem Resolved: After a lot of research and talking with multiple techs from RW and Moto, none of whom could find a fix for this “low volume” problem, I’m at least 98% convinced that the phone is working as designed.

Text msg notification volume and phone call ring tone volume are both controlled by the “Ring Volume” slider, and Moto didn’t do a laudatory job of balancing phone ring and text notification volumes. With “ring” volume all the way up [100%], the phone ringing will blast you out of the room, but unless you have a really soft ring tone on notifications, the notification tone is audibly acceptable. But if you turn the ring volume down for phone calls, to say 70%, the notification tone volume is too low to be practical.

Solution: 1st, get a new extra loud text msg notification app from the Play Store for the text notification sound and use a low or soft tone for the “call” ring tone. I used Text Message Sounds by Crystal Clear Ringtones and recommend it - very easy to use and has some pretty loud sounds. Then play around with the two tones to balance out the sounds so both are acceptable. I did, and happy wife, happy life. :innocent:


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