Very slow to the competition

Right now the Moto G5 plus 32 gb is being sold for $199, Republic Wireless still has it for $229. Plus shipping is free, so why buy a phone using this website?

The most popular phone in the world -iPhone- Republic Wireless doesn’t offer. I could definitely see Xfinity mobile passing Republic Wireless, in terms of market share. Added to that Xfinity leads the way with the most hotspots by an ISP

Hi @Y2me

Republic Wireless makes its own pricing and markdown decisions. They don’t price match. However, since Republic now supports BYOP, you are free to purchase the phone from the source you prefer. Just be sure it’s on the list of compatible devices which you can find here:

-Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

If having an iPhone is important for you then Republic Wireless is not a good fit for you at this time.

Xfinity may or may not pass Republic Wireless in market share. Their target markets don’t overlap much. For example, I am not an Xfinity customer so their services are of no interest to me. I do have WiFi at home so Republic is very appealing to me.


I’m sure you will leave the house and will need to use data. There are not that many free WiFi hotspots in the U.S. That is why I always found Republic Wireless that $5 WiFi plan questionable. Xfinity have the hotspots and the better pricing. Those two things alone makes Republic not a good choice

If you are trying to get outside and use a Republic phone on the $5 WiFi-only option you are not likely to have a very good user experience. That’s why Republic has low-priced plans that include unlimited talk and text away from WiFi.

The $5 plan makes good sense for a home-only phone. It also allows Republic customers with older phones to be able to call and text back to the US when they are abroad.

Xfinity only offers pricing to existing customers who are already paying them for Internet service. There is no “better pricing” for someone who is not already an Xfinty Internet customer.


I’m an Xfinity cable/internet customer, and take advantage of their Wi-Fi hotspots for use with my Project Fi, Republic Wireless, and Ting phones. I don’t find Xfinity Mobile to be cost competitive for my family’s usage.


Xfinity has a few downsides

1 through 1,000,000: Comcast.
1,000,001: You have to happen to live where Comcast has coverage for home services in order to sign-up for Mobile.




@macb @royrose, I agree wholeheartedly with @louisdi. One of the strengths of this community is that we openly discuss ideas while striving not to belittle people. The community guidelines state: “You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But, remember to criticize ideas, not people .”

Though it sometimes has been challenging, overall, I have personally enjoyed talking about Republic Wireless with people that don’t always agree with me, and I believe that makes this community stronger.

@royrose, since @Y2me has made so few comments, I’m not quick to call @Y2me a troll. Character is revealed over time, and just because someone posts something in “apparent” disagreement with Republic Wireless’ service doesn’t make him/her a troll.

@Y2me, I want to personally welcome you to the Republic Wireless Community. Thanks for posting your comments. This community is designed to respect your viewpoint–even if one disagrees with it, and I hope for as long as you stay on this forum, you will have that sense of mind.


Hello @Y2me. That’s a good question. I, too, try to find the best deals, and it’s important to find them. If one buys a phone from Republic Wireless’ website, then they can have the peace of mind of knowing that the phone is going to be compatible with Republic Wireless’ service without having to do any extra research.

As @johnny5 said, Republic Wireless supports BYOP. (Bringing your own phone) to their service for select phone models. You have to make sure that the specific Moto G5 that you might buy outside of Republic Wireless (or any phone on the BYOP) is compatible with RW’s service. It’s just an extra step, but as you indicated, @y2me, that extra step might save you money.

It is true that Republic Wireless doesn’t offer full fledged service on the iPhone–yet, but have you heard of Republic Anywhere?

Right now, Republic Wireless customers can send and receive texts on the iPhone (and Mac and iPad) through the Anywhere app, and beta testers can send and receive calls through wifi on the iPhone with this app. Eventually, this feature is going to be rolled out to all of its customers. You also might be interested in listening to this podcast that talked about Republic Wireless and the iPhone and other great developments with Republic Wireless.

Are you saying that Xfinity is better than Republic Wireless’ service because it has the “most hotspots by an ISP”? Honestly, I would rather that Republic Wireless continue developing Anywhere and working on projects like Relay because my cellular data needs are more than met.

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I’m afraid this is not yet true. Calling (even in beta) is currently limited to Android and the desktop apps.


Oops. Thanks for the clarification.

I guess I’ve spent too much time in the Android world, and obviously, I got my facts wrong on this detail.

At any rate, I am a beta tester of Anywhere, and I have made and received calls on my macbook, though.

Let’s be honest. Xfinity is a serious threat to Republic Wireless. You will use very little cell data because Xfinity’s numerous hotspots. If you use less than 100mb per month you pay $0.

Not a threat in Cleveland Ohio!


Xfinity is no more of a threat to RW than any other MVNO. Republic pioneered WiFi/VoIP integration. Xfinity is a “Johnny come lately”, and not without it’s issues. It remains to be seen how well they implement their MVNO business plan. If it creates more competition, all the better for each of us. The consumer wins.

As for the iPhone, who cares. I wouldn’t use an iPhone if you gave it to me.


I assume that you are aware that you must be an infinity internet customer to use Xfinity mobile and that you can’t bring your own android phone. They have only one low cost phone, an LG X Charge for $180.

So, yes, if you are already an Xfinity internet customer they are competitive if you can live with their limitations. I see them taking some customers away from the larger carriers but not many from RW.

Sorry to have called you a troll, but you don’t seem to see the downside of Xfinity vs RW.

We will see but this is different. This MVNO comes with free hotspots. In 2018 there are not that many free WiFi hotspots. Didn’t Republic want their customers to use more WiFi than cellular data?

The Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots can be used with any carrier’s phones. All you have to be is an Xfinity internet customer. There’s an Xfinity Hotspots app in the play store. I have it on all my phones and I do not use Xfinity Mobile.

No hard feelings. I’m an Xfinity customer just so I can take advantage of their hotspots. Republic offers a good selection of phones you can use so that is a plus for them

I’m aware of this. If you were not an Xfinity customer your choices for free WiFi would be severely limited. Maybe at work, Starbucks and a few other places. U.S. is not that advanced were free WiFi is easily accessible anywhere you go. Parks should have free WiFi, at least the parks I’ve visited. I was able to access Xfinity there though

I am really happy to hear you are a satisfied customer with Xfinity! Taking advantage of all of the Xfinity hotspots must be just short of awesome.

Republic Wireless does offer a good selection of phones. It is indeed a plus for them.

We have taken advantage of the selection of phones Republic offers and have been quite satisfied with both the phone selection and the service for years!

Oddly enough we have not once had a feeling of anxiety from the lack of a hot spot at the ready…

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