Very slow to the competition


You sound like one of those annoying Xfinity salespeople who pester people inside Walmart. I usually tell them my religion prohibits me from having TV or the internet.


Lol. If you use less than 100mb per month you pay$0 is that not tempting. Of course Xfinity is more expense than Republic when it comes to buying by the GB.


$0 for talk and text is tempting however I’m not moving 300 miles to live in an area served by Xfinity.


No, it’s not tempting. I use ~3 GB / month on Project Fi, which uses both Google Wi-Fi Assistant and Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots. My wife and son use ~1.5 GB / month and use the Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots. Using less than 100 MB is not in our wheelhouse.

On top of that, the cheapest Xfinity Mobile phone I would want is $600 (and they have no phones that my wife would want). That would be an additional unacceptable expense.

Adding to that, Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon. While that is a plus for many, Verizon has poor coverage on the way to, and at my favorite trout fishing hole (it’s also hundreds of miles from.the nearest Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot).


My ISP has many many hotspots. ever hear of ATTUverse? I had also used Cox Communications with many hotspots. If you look & apply the principal idea Wifi first, you find more than enough hotspots. Maybe your not looking hard enough when you couldn’t find them.
besides I wouldn’t touch Xfinity with your credit card!!


And not a thread in the DC area where the hotspots are useless. Not even fast enough to browse the web in most cases, much less for anything else.


It may be to a limited number of users in a position to take advantage of the service.

At this time Xfinity Mobile poses little to no competition for RW, other MVNOs or the major carriers.

RW keeps their eye on their competitors, will likely react to any future completion and make necessary changes when called for. Members saw this recently with the introduction of the My Choice plan with the structure changes and 33% reduction of data cost.



Xfinity is a very viable option in my area but here are the reasons I will never do business with them.

  1. Comcast already has one monopoly I am not going to hand them another.
  2. Have you ever had to deal with their service? Like seriously, they have the service you would expect from a giant oligarchy.
  3. I have very negative experiences with Comcast that, despite making me hate them, I am forced to still use their service as it is the only option for internet in my area.
  4. Republic has better customer service and a great community.
  5. Republic actively strives to improve their service while Comcast sits on their butts.
  6. Republic listens to their customers, even if a a small portion feel otherwise.
  7. I’ve had the pleasure to interact with Republic staff multiple times throughout my time as a customer (Just over 3 years). I have never had such interactions from Comcast in the 15 years I’ve handled the family’s internet.


Cable ISP but no DSL ISP available in your area?



It’s an option but since I live farther than 10 miles from a station no matter what package I buy I get about 500kb/s.

If only I lived just 30 miles north… Then I would have that sweet sweet EPB Fiber Optics.


I’ll say you choose to use their services as a survivor of early dial-up modem era.



Republic started off with the premise that customers can use WiFi thereby reducing the need for cellular activity. That works great when you’re home but when you leave the house not many free hotspots to take advantage of.


Sure there are. I walk into a business & check for wifi. It’s not a shame to ask for the WiFi password…


I think we’ve beaten this one to death. You think there aren’t wifi hotspots out there other than Xfinity. Others have disagreed both about the usefulness of those Xfinity hotspots and the prevalence of alternatives. Seriously, what more is there to say?


There are wifi spots all over America. Not sure where you go but any restaurant, hotel, nightclub, bar, etc. that doesn’t will have few customers. And Xfinity is limited as to where they offer service, period! No cable of any kind where I live and Xfinity is only in 18 of 492 towns in Maine.


It’s impossible for a business to have a strong presence everywhere. We will see how competitive Republic will be in the next few years. Having an iPhone is seen as hip and trending. Not selling it puts you at a competitive disadvantage


I assure you, Republic isn’t excluding the iPhone out of a malice towards Apple or for lack of desire. As you likely know, Apple is well known for keeping things locked up on the iPhone and preventing developers from accessing parts of the system that they have access to on Android. Because of this, the capabilities that Republic needs for its hybrid calling system just haven’t been present in iPhones until recently. If you believe the CEO of Republic, something for iPhones will be coming this year.

I’ll just say this about “hip and trending”. It was “hip and trending” to carry a Blackberry for quite a while. “Trendy” cuts in both directions.


Wowzers! This is a fun thread! So fun that I felt the need to put my 2 cents in!

First off, I love this community and the discussions we have here! Secondly, and more importantly, I just wanted throw a few things out there:

I don’t think that RW is “Very slow to the competition”, but rather they play their own game and it seems to be working out pretty swell! But I may be a little biased here :wink:


I’m not going to approach this from the “coolness” perspective but from a business one. If I’m reading the two articles you referenced correctly; iPhone’s U.S. market share is between 34-40 percent. No rational business writes off that much market share unnecessarily. I maintain the day supporting iPhone becomes technically possible, Republic will be screaming support from the rooftops in Raleigh. Worldwide as opposed to U.S. market share is irrelevant as Republic does not operate outside the U.S.

What both of those articles (and others I read) confirm for me is Samsung and Apple are the smartphone manufacturers of significance. To an extent, everyone else is an also ran.


I think RW is in the business of providing great cellular service at an inexpensive rate by using WiFi first. Not providing the best prices on phones. However, the money saved using RW over other providers makes up for the slight differences in costs.

Personally, shopping around and using the BYOD option was the cheapest option for me. I financed the phone directly through the manufacturer at 0% APR. Just chat with support about a phone you would like to bring to RW. They will assist in letting you know if it will work.

I would also like to note, the iPhone is not “The most popular phone in the world”. Android phones account for 86% of the smartphone operating system market. The iOS (iPhone’s operating system) holds just 13%. Apple advertises the iPhones more aggressively, which gives the illusion that they are more popular than other phones. However, @rolandh has a good point above.

As for Xfinity, that’s all great, IF you live in an area that provides their service. I, for one, along with many others, do not.