Viber suddenly will not work on my MotoG


Was working fine for several weeks. Today, it logged me out and states that it will not work on VoIP phones. The irony is that it is still working on my MotoG and my sons MotoG. Thoughts?


Viber has recently changed their policy is no longer accepting VoIP numbers. Trying to add a VoIP number fails and it also appears they are slowly removing VoIP numbers that were already active. There appears to be no way around it and Viber support refuses to make an exception for Republic numbers.


Thank you

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Phone Brand: Motorolla
Phone Model: Moto E
Phone Generation: 1st Gen
Plan: Talk Text Unlimited, Data only on WiFi
Plan Option: Plan option: Talk & Text, without Cell Data.

##Issue Description
Hi Community Forum Friends,
I have viber working in my phone. But I have to uninstall and reinstall it due to data overload in my device. Now I can not reinstall. I got Email Response from Viber saying:

“Unfortunately, due to a policy change, there is no longer any way to activate Viber using a VoIP number.
In order to use Viber, please try activation with a regular GSM number.
If you believe that your number is a GSM number, please contact your service provider for additional information.”

is Republic Wireless VOIP? I don’t think so. What information should I provide Viber to get viber installed.

Is there a work around that you can advise me?



Hi @bidhanp,

Republic numbers are indeed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) numbers. According to the FCC, this makes them wireline (landline) rather than wireless numbers. There is nothing Republic can do to change this classification. VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service.

My understanding is Republic is working an open ticket with and doing its’ best to persuade Viber to change its’ recently changed policy. You’ve done the right thing taking the matter to Viber yourself. Perhaps, if they see enough impact, Viber will consider a policy modification. Meanwhile, I’m sorry to say, there really isn’t a workaround. You might consider alternative services to Viber.

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