Video Streaming Quality?

I know R.W uses t-Mobile on the current plans.

But does R.W force 480p video streams like Tmobile and others do?

Or are your free to choose 720 and 1080 and have it actually stream fast.

Republic can use either their GSM partner (T-Mobile) or their CDMA partner (Sprint) depending on location(4G LTE + WiFi for the Best Cell Phone Coverage | Republic Wireless), BYOD (which is always GSM), and/or phone being used (their are some phones that are GSM only) (Detailed Supported Phone Features)

that said Republic does note limit what you use you data on, but due not higher resolution streams will use more data

I will note T-Mobile only limits this as they are not charging for that data used most streaming sites while Republic does (Republic is a MVNO and not a re-seller)

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Yes it would be a BYOD so GSM and Tmobile network used. Pixel XL

“I will note T-Mobile only limits this as they are not charging for that data used most streaming sites while Republic does (Republic is a MVNO and not a re-seller)”

So u are saying that Tmobile WILL force 480p video then?

(I did try R.W a while back using my spare phone a Moto X Pure. But I had issues with that device. Since then, I flashed a newer custom rom to it 7.1.2 (since Moto had stopped updating their stock rom). The R.W app must not do custom roms, as it says “Update Android” in order to use and will not continue. There is no further updates for the device. So I can’t test R.W again.)

I am currently on Sprint Free year plan until August. I am contemplating switching to either Project Fi or R.W at point after the promotion, depending on my data usage habits at the time.

no what I’m saying is that the T-Mobile Plans include unlimited data and will limited streams unless a add on fee is paid
Republic is not reselling T-Mobile service, they are a Mobile Virtual Network Operator leasing out the T-Mobile networks to Provide Republic customers cell coverage

Republic does not limit what you do with the data you purchased though them

Ah ok then.

So u can also tether whit R.W as well then?
(as tmobiles owned MVNO MetroPCS do block that)

yes Republic allows tethering

Are data speeds capped at all? I know MVNO’s tend to do that. Like Cricket is 5megs, Straight talk 8megs… 2years ago, i did try the BYOD R.W Sim in my Moto X Pure and it reported using Tmobile and got about 25megs where as an actual Tmobile sim phone next to it got over 100megs.

Republic does not cap data speeds they will be as fast as the tower will support (note there is no roaming data on Republic My choice plans)

Let me get technical here.

“Republic does not cap data speeds they will be as fast as the tower will support …”

This only means that R.W does not throttle the given leased network bandwidth until a certain usage limit is reached. However, if the leased bandwidth it self is max speed(throttled) by the network owner company, say 25megs, for that NVMNO, then, technically, that NVMNO’s can say(and advertise) that “they” do not throttle. This means that a user will not be throttled to speeds below the max speed of the NVMNO until the usage limit.

Republic doesn’t throttle data speed period. Everything we know about Republic’s agreements with its cellular partners is that Republic’s customers get the same service as customers of the network owners themselves.

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That technically isn’t the case on the network back-end. Customers of the network owner will always get priority over NVMO’s customers using the same network and tower. They also limit available bandwidth to a leasing operator. It is stated by the network owners themselves when u dig into their technical documents. U can also contact their corporate offices and get confirmation of that.

Or the user can just test it them selves if they have 2 devices to run speed tests on side by side.

The other thing is when u mention “no roaming”. What do u mean by that? International? The coverage map on R.W. site pretty much blankets the entire US. So i should be able to go anywhere in that and not be “roaming”.

I stated no Roaming data, Republic will Roam for Voice and Text (though roaming can be hit or miss as Republic needs small amount of data (not charged to the end user) for call set up and texting

if you look at Republic coverage maps where it says talk and text these area are roaming for the most part

Republic can only control that which it controls. Republic does not limit data speed. On multiple occasions in these forums, Republic staff have stated Republic customers get the same priority on the network as customers of the network owner proper. I have TMO SIMs available to me and can confirm this is my personal experience in my area. I understand network operators will sometimes limit access and/or speeds for MVNO customers. It’s entirely dependent on whats in the contract between a particular MVNO and the network operator. Republic isn’t going to divulge those specifics.

I’ve done just that and my experience is my data speed on Republic is the same as that on the network proper. In order to be a valid test, it cannot be any 2 devices running side by side. Ideally, it would be the same device. If run side by side, it should be two devices of like kind (brand, model and generation). The reality is for the typical user it doesn’t matter. What matters is if the speed delivered is satisfactory for their use case.

Republic offers no data roaming. Only where native coverage exists will one have cell data availability.

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Ah. Thanks. Now i see what that mean. I am in MN. and the entire state is dark green for LTE. so its fine for me. i dont travel.

Well…it was 4yrs ago now…when I was in University, where I shadowed a VZW Network Engineer for a month. Where i saw and learned how its all programed in. Things could have changed a bit since then.

Thanks for all the replies.

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