Videos Autoplay on certain websites

My husband’s Moto X4 is autoplaying videos on some websites which sucks up data in a matter of seconds. In chrome we have turned off autoplay, but have not tested on cell, only on wifi. They still auto play. I can’t find a setting for this in duckduckgo. Any suggestions?

Hi @sarahh.bbri2a,

Just to be sure we’re on the same page, the setting you’ve configured is Chrome > Menu :dots: > Settings > Site settings > Media > Autoplay (disabled), right?

Can you give us an example of a page you’re visiting where the video is autoplaying despite this setting?

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Yes, we did that in Chrome, although we prefer to use Duckduckgo which doesn’t seem to have such a setting. The specific website was

Hi @sarahh.bbri2a,

I’m sorry! I didn’t realize duckduckgo was a browser! I thought it was a search engine and that you meant you had not been able to find out by searching on that search engine how to disable autoplay.

I don’t see a method to disable autoplay in Duckduckgo on Android. I do, however, see a “leave feedback” option in their settings menu. You might try requesting the feature there.

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DuckDuckGo is a search engine. They also offer a privacy oriented web browser for android.

I took a quick look at the browser and there does not seem to be a way to disable video playback from the settings.

In chrome I disabled video playback by going to settings -> site settings -> media -> autoplay and toggling it off, then I went to the website you linked and it appears that none of the videos were automatically playing. You may need to clear your cookies in order for this setting to stick (will require logging back into websites).

I highly recommend leaving feedback on the duckduckgo app requesting this feature as the feature is probably there just hidden from the user.

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Hi @Burusutazu,

Yep. I figured it out, installed the browser, checked the settings, and wrote the same conclusions (no such settings, leave feedback in the app) that you did!


Thanks, we’ll give that a try.

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