View Answer button on "answered your Republic Wireless question" email takes me to an expert account login


Southpaw answered a question of mine and I received an email to that effect. The email does not contain the answer but has a button to “View Answer” but when I click on it I am brought to a…

Log into your Republic Wireless expert account

My normal RW account email/passwd does not work there. Below is a screenshot of the email.


Hi @justinthesea,

The Expert program is hosted by another company, so it’s not your RW credentials it wants, but a username with Directly. You can use the “Forgot” link to reset the password, or maybe we can just talk here! I’ll be glad to convert this question to a private message if you want.


Thanks. It was unclear it was a different account. There is no need to go to private message.
I’ve opened a ticket with RW and they’ve “done something” to reduce the number of incoming spam calls to my phone. If it works that makes my original question becomes less pressing. Still I would like to hear if there is any way to have google contacts as a white list of callers. Anyone not on that list would drop to voice mail automatically. Does something like this exist? Thx.


Let the help team know right away if the change they made doesn’t help, and they’ll keep trying. There’s not a setting for all calls that are not in your contacts to go to voicemail, but there are third-party apps that claim to do so. There’s also the feature in the RW 3.0 app that lets you quickly add unwanted callers to your blocked list.


Yes already on the Do Not Call list. Trying to avoid third-party apps that aren’t either RW or Google championed. I’ll stay on top of the Help Team ticket. Thanks so much for your input.


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