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I need to see my childs call and text history and i noticed only one of my 3 phones i have are able to look at the history to. I have checked by clicking the “i want to” button and only one of the phones i can choose to look at history to. how can i figure out how to see them?

Humm, You should be able to open up the phone app and click on the 3 little dots in the upper right. There you should see “call history”.

As for the texting history, that would probably located within the texting app. What text app is being used ?

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Hi @creager96,

The “I want to” menus available in the Account Portal do not show all the details if the phone line has been “assigned” to a user.

You would need to “unassign” that phone from its current owner in order to review call and text history from the the account portal.


yes i figured that out now thank you, now the new problem is that i want to view description of the texts but when i see the history i can only see the date, time and number sent to or received, how can i look at what was said in the texts?

Republic, or any carrier, as far as I know, do not keep any records of the contents of your text messages in such call/text logs sections of their account portals, as they are considered private data.

Hi @creager96,

Now that you’ve unassigned the user, you might try installing Republic Anywhere on a compatible device. You’ll be able to retrieve the last 30 days of text messaging history. Beyond that, you would need access to the phone itself.


I am at this very moment in the Account Portal of the person, or rather the e-mail address of the person, to whom the phone number is assigned, and I can’t seem to find the calling and text history. Could you direct me? Thanks.

From the manage phones section of the account portal
Tap [click] the I want to button,
Tap [click [ the view calls and text

Thank you, drm186. That worked, except that I’m seeing only the calls and texts for February 2019. Does it not go back further than the current month?

One can tap [click] on the month to change it
The log goes back 18 months

Thanks once again. It’s amazing how obvious some things are once they’re pointed out to you. :slight_smile:

I had last done this checking about two years ago. It was obvious then, too, but I had completely forgotten how to do it.

Peace and respect.


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