View texts from a computer?

my phone died; can I see my text messages from my computer?

Hi @benjaminc.oy5v8c

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At this current time, the phone service and texts work on your phone only. If your phone died, there is not a way to view or send messages from the computer.

If you need to know who is trying to contact you, you can check out the online call and text logs via My Account.

While you cannot see the actual content, it will give you a list of numbers that you have been in contact or missed.

As a bit more background, most texting via computer services work by syncing with your phone so the phone will need to be working.

Republic is working on their own computer texting feature that can work independently from the phone but it is still in the works and not available yet.

Hi @benjaminc.oy5v8c

As @happywillow0 stated RW Anywhere is in Beta but will do what ask. I realize that is not much help to you right now, but for other readers and for future reference I thought I would mention you can sign up for RW Anywhere as they are adding new testers all the time.

Republic Anywhere | Republic Wireless

Republic Anywhere FAQs

Regrettably no new beta testers are presently being accepted. Those already on the waiting list will gain entry if not already in. Others will need to wait for general availability, which, hopefully will be soon (I know).

OK, I didn’t realize the waiting list was closed. Thanks for the update.

I’m hopeful this is a positive sign for general availability as soon as possible.

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