Viewing and Managing Cellular Data in the RW App for My Choice Plans

Viewing and Managing Cellular Data in the RW App.

This info is up-to-date as per version of the app.

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The RW app manages all aspects of your Republic Wireless account. It is made up of four tabs.

  1. My Data
  2. Your Phone Info
  3. Republic Help
  4. Settings

This document focuses on the various menus in the My Data tab that can be used to view and manage your cellular data.

My Data

The My Data tab shows your current data usage and allows you to add one-time data or make changes to your monthly plan.

Viewing Data Usage

This functionality is modified for phones running Android 10 and higher starting with app version 3-30-0-82 Republic Wireless App Update Version – Republic Help

Start Screen Description End Screen
Tap on “See where your data is going” to display the data usage per day with total data used by each app in High to Low sorted list

Tap on High-Low and change it to Alphabetical to display apps in alphabetical order

Tap on any app to display the usage of that app on a per day basis in orange within the blue total

The default date range is your current billing cycle. Tap once on the blue bar graph and then press and slide the black date markers to zoom in on a smaller date range all the way down to a single day. The app data usage will change to what was used in the selected date range. This can help zero in on any abnormal spikes in data usage and also help pinpoint which app and what date the data spike happened.

Adding One Time Data

If you run out of data in the middle of a billing cycle you can quickly add more data in 1GB increments by tapping on “Add 1GB of data now”. Login using the primary account holder’s RW credentials.

Review the details on the confirmation screen and tap on CONFIRM PURCHASE

Once you add 1GB of data in this manner the screen changes to this view and you can buy additional increments of 1GB data with one touch. If you prefer, you can tap on DISABLE to force you to enter your login credentials for future 1GB data purchases

Manage My Plan

The bottom tab gives access to additional data management tools including

  1. Add One-time data (use this if you need to add more than 1GB in a single transaction)
  2. Change Recurring monthly data
  3. Switch to Annual Payment

Tapping on the bottom tab brings you to this screen

Sign in with your RW login credentials (These have to be the credentials for the primary account owner. An assigned user cannot make changes to the plan)

Add Data Now

One time-data purchases can be made by tapping on green plus icon next to “Add data now”

Data can be purchased in 1GB increments. Tap on the + or - icons to adjust the amount of one-time data you would like to add.

Tap on “Review order” and finalize the transaction.

Change Monthly Data

Tap on “change monthly data” to change your monthly recurring data. Tap on the + or - icons to adjust your recurring monthly data amount

The “no data” $15 plan displays an additional warning that it is a “Talk and Text” only plan that includes no cellular data

Switch to Annual Payment

Tap on “Switch to annual payment” and follow on screen prompts.

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