Viewing notifications after you've dismissed them

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Alarm going off everyday

I have reviewed my notification log and found the following 3 items so it is definitely coming from the Clock app, but neither of us have any alarms set:

Please tell us where found the Notification Log? (if this shows all Notifications, it could be very useful in troubleshooting)

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Here is a link for the site I used to find it. It is very useful when you have several notifications and get swipe happy.


also here


@kevins.k2y5wk and @TheDoctor
Thanks this is a great reminder of the power of this community. :southpawpoms:™ borrowed from @southpaw
I will start a thread specific to this subject, and see if we can get verification that this is available across the various devices. Ah the power of Search! :blush:

Hi @jben,

Before you put all the effort into compiling such a list, I’d like to point out that @timm has documented the information in:

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