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How do I know if my phone had a virus



Hi @claudiah

Is your phone behaving in a manner they makes you think something is wrong with it?.

It would be most helpful if you would post the make/model of your phone and any symptoms or behaviors that would indicate an issue or cause you concern.



If you are speculating that based on a pop-up warning…in your Chrome or similar web browser…it
is likely spam…that can be cleared by clearing your browsing data …be sure to select
"from beginning of time" in the drop down menu to clear all your browsing data.



You can always install the free version of one of the many Android antivirus apps, like Lookout, for example. But, there are many. Let the antivirus apps scan the phone. If nothing is found, delete the app. If you don’t delete it, you will surely be nagged to death about buying the paid version.

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