Viruses, I need help


My wife’s G5 has been shut down by a virus. What do we do?



Can you give us some additional information…sometimes pop-up virus warnings that show up in Chrome or similar browser pop-ups are simply nuisance and not necessarily a real virus.

What is the phone status right now… are you unable to restart it…or you afraid to restart it because you think or know that it might be affected.

Sometimes, an unresponsive phone takes a long press of the power button up to 2-3 minutes to restart.

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It will not start. Any attempt merely yields a yellow triangle with a black exclamation



Sounds like an issue with the battery, not a virus. What happens if you plug the phone in to charge?

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Have you made any progress with your phone? If not, please submit a help ticket so that you can get more individualized help to get faster resolution of your issue


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