Visual Voicemail and Extend Home

MotoX4, Talk & Text only, No Data, and using Extend Home.

Sometimes my cell phone doesn’t show a voicemail, but my Extend Home phones have flashing lights, so I have to call into voicemail, but that doesn’t happen Everytime.

Also, whenever I open Voicemail on my cell phone, there’s a warning that Voicemail may not work properly until Visual Voicemail is fully activated, but Visual Voicemail is turned on. Is there more to do to activate it? I’ve always had a greeting on it, too. What’s going on? How do I just get visual voicemail and get rid of the warning message?

This was likely a transient issue with the Republic Wireless App version

Have you updated your Republic Wireless App version Are you still experiencing this issue?

Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this annoyance but if your visual voicemail is working fine, you can ignore that warning.

I think some members are reporting this issue and only fix is to re-record your message.

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