Visual voicemail for Galaxy S21 Ultra

What phone do you have? Galaxy S21 Ultra

What plan are you on? My choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes it includes data

Issue Description

So I installed the google phone app. From what I’ve read I see I should be able to have visual voicemail either by having a tab at the bottom the phone app that says “voicemail” or by looking at my recent calls and looking for a voice mail icon.

I’ve had numbers leave voicemails but no icon shows next to their names. I also don’t have a tab at the bottom that says “voicemail”.

If I go to Google Phone app > Settings > Voicemail I can see under “Visual Voicemail” there is a status text that says “Activating voicemail” It’s been this way for about a week already.

Here is some more info on the software versions on my ultra. It just updated today

One UI: 3.1
Android Version 11

Does anyone know if visual voicemail even works for the ultra? or how to fix?

Hi @man_cat88,

It is my experience that visual voicemail in Google’s Phone app does not work on Samsung phones. This is my experience both with Republic service and with the same phone(s) using an alternative provider’s SIM. Therefore, I conclude the issue is something to do with Google’s Phone app and Samsung’s implementation of Android rather than anything to do with Republic service.

Visual voicemail does work on Samsung phones, so long as one uses Samsung’s Phone app rather than Google’s Samsung’s implementation of visual voicemail is, however, not nearly as straightforward as Google’s. For more, please see here:

Interesting. I just tried the default phone app and I was able to listen to my voicemail from the UI. That’s great. Now my question is, why even use the Google Phone app? I got some message that stated Republic Wireless only supports google phone app. Is that not true?

On Google’s Pixels and some Motorola phones, Google’s Phone app is the manufacturer’s bundled Phone app.

If you’re able to share a screenshot of that message, we’d be most interested. Republic supports the manufacturer’s bundled Phone app. Might the alert message you saw have been related to text messaging rather than the Phone app? Republic does support only Messages by Google for text messaging regardless of a phone’s manufacturer.

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I think you are correct about me confusing the error message with the default messaging app. I believe I saw a message of the sort when I tried to make Samsung Messages the default.


I just got off the phone with Republic tech support. I am having the same issue. The Google Phone visual voicemail status just says “Activating”. Although the Samsung Phone app visual voicemail works - I prefer the Google Phone app visual voicemail approach.

Does anybody have a solution for using the Google Phone App visual voicemail on a Samsung Phone (in this case a Samsung Galaxy A32)

Hi @pondman66,

It is my experience visual voicemail does not work on Samsung phones when using Google’s Phone app. If anyone else has found a solution, I’ve yet to hear of it.

Yes rolandh - I saw your earlier posts.

However, I am looking for others in the community to chime in! Anybody have any luck in getting the Google Phone app to do visual voicemails on a Samsung phone with Republic Wireless?


@rolandh has given you good information. Visual Voicemail on Samsung requires the use of the green Samsung dialing app.

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