Visual Voicemail for hearing impaired

My father-in-law is losing his hearing and cannot hear the voicemails on his phone anymore. I am having trouble setting up visual voicemails on his Moto G7 play. Any advice?

Hi @bobf.vhu8q7,

There is a glitch with visual voicemail introduced by a recent update to Google’s Phone app. For the Moto G7 play, the, hopefully, interim workaround is uninstalling updates to Google’s Phone app:

Additionally, I don’t know that it would help, but might your father-in-law be able to listed to voicemail when dialing in by placing the call on speakerphone?

Hi @bobf.vhu8q7,

Just to be clear, the term “Visual Voicemail” simply means a list of your voicemail messages. It is not a transcription of voicemail where you can read the message.

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