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Issue Description

A couple days ago I did a factory reset on my Moto Z and then reinstalled the Republic app. However, Visual Voicemail (which lists each voicemail and lets you play them out of order) is not working anymore and I don’t remember how I got it to work back in 2017 when the phone was new.

This is a big problem because there’s like hundreds of messages and calling the voicemail does not seem to have an option to jump to the newest ones…:grimacing:

Hi @sam,

The experience is perplexing as there’s nothing inherent to a factory reset that would interfere with viewing voicemail on your phone nor is there anything to turn on. To confirm, you’re using the Phone app not the Republic app when attempting to view voicemail on your Moto Z, correct?


Yup. It seems to have fixed itself (or I was just being dumb) and I will just assume that various calls I’ve gotten lately that I didn’t answer simply didn’t leave messages. So now it’s the much less worrying problem that I’ve seen on these boards of the warning message is still there.

Alright, the solution for the lesser problem is to turn OFF visual voicemail in the settings of the Phone app. I did a test and it does still list new voice mails but the warning message is gone.

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