Visual Voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S10

Is Visual Voicemail still broke on Galaxy S10s? I just bought an S10, and I basically cannot figure out an easy way to get my voicemails. I’m not getting any kind of notification that I have voicemails, and I don’t have any quick way to access them or sort through them.

My previous Moto G6 was awesome with voicemail. Why does the Galaxy S10 feel like a giant step back?

Have I missed a setup step? Should I be using a specific Visual Voicemail app or dialer?

Hi @thomasr.mk8xzl

Please see if this Republic Tips & Tricks article helps with retrieving your voicemail. :slight_smile:

You haven’t missed anything Samsung’s implementation of VV stinks. Here’s a specific doc regarding accessing it: How to Listen to Visual Voicemail on Samsung Phones – Republic Help

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