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I receive a lot of voicemails on my moto e 2nd generation phone. They are made to appear to come from various phone numbers so I can’t just enter a phone number and have it blocked. I was interested in Visual Voicemail where an email would be sent from my voicemail on my phone to my email address and then I could quickly delete them if they are junk instead of have to login to voicemail, etc.

Does anyone know of a good free visual voicemail app that would work with my moto e 2nd gen? I downloaded one app from playstore but Republic Wireless was not listed as a carrier the app worked with. Or would I be u;sing the underlying carrier instead and who would that be?

Thanks for any help.

Doesn’t the default visual voicemail work? Deleting an e-mail would not remove the message from the voicemail queue.

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