Voice Calls Only message that goes away after password entry

I get this message consistently but most of the time the phone reverts to WiFi within a few seconds after putting in my password. Will the update correct this? Why is this happening?

Your brief descriptions doesn’t seem to indicate that you are seeing all of the indications outlined by Republic Staff in the following, as you immediatly recover when WiFi is re-enabled
Update: Voice Calls Only notification with outbound call failure “tones” and inbound messaging delaysAnnouncements & News

We are seeing a number of reports from members experiencing a notification of “Voice calls only, something may be blocking access to the Republic Wireless Network.” If you are seeing this notification it means that something is preventing the phone from communicating with our servers. This notification is intended to alert you so that you can take corrective action. It is important not to let this notification be confused with the cause. We are investigating a specific scenario that results in…

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Correct, but why is this happening? It first appeared in March of this year and has continued since then.

If you would read the document that I referenced above and do not meet All the indications, then it would be best if you open your own discussion as the error would not be ‘fixed’. You may have a WiFi condition that is causing you to drop connection to RW servers. There are some things that can be done to help you.

Hi @williamp.ou6lji,

I moved your question to a topic of its own since it doesn’t seem to be related to the very specific issue identified in the Announcement where you first replied.

The message “Voice Calls Only, something is blocking…” is an indication, just an alert to let you know that something is blocking the connection between the phone and our servers.

If you are seeing it when you first wake the phone and unlock the screen with your password, it is probably related to the the phone going into a deep sleep (called “doze mode”) after being left alone for an hour or more. Our Community Members have created a workaround to keep the phone out of “doze mode.” You can read about that here:


Thank you

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Thank you!

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Please post back if you implement the MacroDroid ‘workaround’ and how does it work out for you

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