Voice calls only outside of wifi

My phone says ‘voice calls only’ when I am not on wifi, and I can’t send or receive texts. I have tried to uninstall/reinstall the Republic app, but that didn’t not help.

Some more info would be needed to try to help you.

What phone do you have?
Is this a new activation, or have u had the phone working before and this just started happening?

If it is one of the 3.0 supported phones, are you on the GSM or CDMA partner?
What things have u tried so far?
Are u in a location with strong cell signal?
Is Cellular data enabled?

Have u tried a VoIP reset: Dial*#*#8647#*#* and reboot.

*#*#8647#*#* to do the VOIP reset… sorry. I had to hit the right option on the forum for it to show asterisks.

Ensure that cellular (and roaming) data is enabled. Cellular data must be enabled to send and receive text messages when away from Wi-Fi (even if you are on a plan that does not include cellular data):

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