Voice control like Alexa over RW?

My older sister has poor hand mobility and holding a mobile is getting difficult. Is there a device like “Alexa” that can make and answer calls with voice command? over RW

She might find this useful:

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Hi @ralphd

All the phones that work with Republic run the Android OS which is made by Google. Google provides an assistant you can talk to and get the phone to perform a variety of tasks. You can read more about Google Assistant at the following link:


I tried both Voice Access and Assistant last night and didn’t think much of either. For example, I could place a call but not put the phone in speaker mode. Voice Access displays what it hears in real time and that is cool. I didn’t try answering a call but there is an auto answer option in Settings, Accessibility, Interaction and dexterity but it requires a headset or Bluetooth device to be connected,

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