Voice Mail Box Not showing voice mails

Which steps?

Did you uninstall the updates to either the Phone app or the Messages app and prevent it from re-updating?

I will attempt that now, but it was not in the official steps listed on your website. Uninstalling phone updates appears to make them reappear.

This is true. I wasn’t sure if you meant the steps in the Help Article or the steps we’ve been discussing in this topic. We have not yet updated the Help Article because we have not yet come to an understanding of what the fix is for this round of this issue. The Help Article solved the issue the last time the Phone app was updated.

I’m hesitant to update the Help Article with a temporary workaround when we really need a solution.


I am having this same issue with Android 11 on a Samsung A52 5G, with GSM SIM. I have followed all the steps in this thread including installing an older version of Google Phone (v. 69.0.392727699, 7 Sept 2021). The problem - no voicemail tab - still persists. When I rebooted, I briefly saw a notification for voicemails appear, but the voicemails are not accessible. I do not have the Google Messenger app installed. Do I need an even older version of Phone?

Hi @JCL1,

I believe you have a different issue that being Google’s Phone app does not play well with Samsung phones. I’ve never been able to get Google’s Phone app to display visual voicemail on a Samsung phone. Samsung’s bundled Phone app will display visual voicemail.

This is curious. Which text messaging app are you using? Samsung’s bundled app is incompatible with Republic service.

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Hi @JCL1,

The Google Phone app’s implementation of Visual Voicemail is not compatible with Samsung Phones. No amount of troubleshooting or workarounds will make it work.

Please use the Samsung phone app (the icon is green) and follow the steps in https://republicwireless.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000020628

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Worked like a charm doing it this way. Just make sure that you remember to uncheck automatic updates!! Now I have to go figure out why my Moto X4 with a CDMA card is all of a sudden drinking power like a person in the desert finding an oasis!!

It’s very confusing having multiple topics on the same issue currently in Community. Not to mention, some of the replies in this topic come from earlier instances of this vanishing voicemail issue.

I’m locking this topic, and I encourage everyone currently experiencing an empty voicemail tab in the Phone app on Motorola and Pixel phones to please join the conversation, here:

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