Voice mail is not accessible

What phone do you have? Moto E second generation

What plan are you on? talk and data with refund

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? my plan includes data

Issue Description

About three days ago I noticed that when I receive a voice mail, I can see that I received
the voice mail, it tells me how long the message is but I can’t listen to it.

I’ve looked at various settngs, but have found nothing that would seem to correct the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @garye.ahpg2m

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Lets see if we can get some more information?
When you say you receive a voicemail, where is it that you press? Are you hitting the notification that pops up or are you doing something else?

There are two ways to access voicemail. You can read more about it in this help article:

You can either do the old fashioned method by pressing and holding “1” to dial into your voicmail box to listen to your voicemail or you can go the the phone app and select the “visual” voicemail option:

If it is indeed the visual voicemail that isn’t working, this help article that one of the agents typed up may help. Try the steps to refresh the activation clearing the cache to see if it helps and let us know.

Hi and thanks for your prompt reply to my problem.

Typically, I see the call and / or voice mail icon at the top left of the screen of my phone. I then press the

telephone icon, and go to call history. I press on the call with the voice mail, and it takes me to a screen with

a “time line” (for no other way to describe it), with a pause or forward arrow on top of it on the left, and a speaker

icon over the line on the right. If I press on the forward icon, it usually plays the voice mail. About three days ago

that no longer worked The time line shows how long the voice mail message is. But no way to actually listen to the voice

mail message I was left.

I have cleared my cache, turned off and restarted the phone, etc.

I have no idea what visual voice mail is. This is the first I’m hearing of it, so I doubt I’m using this feature or if I even have

this feature in my phone or as part of my plan.

Any ideas on fixing this would be very much appreciated.



PS: Again, I have a Moto E second generation


No worries. Visual voicemail is the fancy name of that feature where you can “see” the voicemail in your history.

It may just be a connection issue. Have you followed the last help link and followed the directions to refresh the Republic activation and clear the system cache via the reboot method?

Thanks I’ll try this all again.


@garye.ahpg2m Any news on whether you were able to get to voicemail?

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