Voice mail is not alerting my phone!

Holy ■■■■ ! My Moto x just alerted me I have voice mail so I login and it says I have 9 voice mails which date back to April 4th !!! What in Sam ■■■■ is going on with Republic !!! 2 where very important from my MOM needing HELP !!!

Which Moto X are you experiencing this problem with?
What did you do last? ( I have seen this on a MX Pure after a Factory Data Reset)

2nd gen

Was this after a Factory Data Reset?

Hi @rickt,

This will be nearly impossible to troubleshoot in Community or in a ticket without some details, and you’re probably not going to be able determine those details on past voicemail.

I’d suggest that each day, you take a look at the Visual Voicemail on the phone. See:

As you do this each day, if you find new instances of voicemail that did not notify, please make a note of where you were at the time the voicemail was saved (you’ll see the timestamp in Visual Voicemail) and whether you were on cell, or if Wi-Fi, what network. When you have a few recent examples, please open a ticket and let our technicians look into those calls to see what may be preventing voicemail from notifying you.


No the phone has been running for 2 months

I had the same problem with my old DefyXT voicemail alerts didn’t come in over WIFI only Cell.

My phone is on WIFI 90% of the time NOW this worries me !

Hi @rickt,

Thanks for the reply. I gave you some specific steps to take to try to better understand the issue. Once you have some recent examples noted, please do open a ticket so our technicians can use the specific information you provide to work toward a solution.

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