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On Friday, I had a notice that i had 4 voice mails from a 214 area code number. it’s gone now, but when i tried to sign in to voice mail it gave me a weird big green voice mail picture, and said enter my password. did i get hacked? what is going on? i saw some other questions on voice mail, but none on this particular issue that was answered or addressed in a useful fashion. please help.

RW made a change to the voicemail system without telling anyone so eventually most users find themselves where you are now.

Change to Dial-in Access to Voicemail

weird big green voice mail picture, and said enter my password

You haven’t been hacked. On my G3 the wbgvmp will appear and requests PW when using 1 to dial VM. If dialed with the VM number saved in my contacts VM looks normal and requests PW.

You will need to set up a PW to access your VM using the dialer as link indicates.

@billg in this day and age, how do we not get notified that something like this is underway? has Republic never heard of e-mail? or text? thanks for the response

weird thing is, this looks like it took effect on Dec 10, 2016. no recollection of the notice, but thanks for posting it @billg

There was an extensive discussion about this shortly after the change was made. If I remember correctly they were going to gather some smart people and study this to see if a notice was in order. This might have been the same group that determined the Republic Refund plan was too difficult for us to understand. Perhaps they concluded we would be confused by an email message describing the change or maybe they just wanted to keep their service team busy. Big Sigh.

How to you change to Dial-in to Access my voicemail? Thank you.

You can access your voice mail by going to the dialer and long-pressing on 1.

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