Voice mail not recognizing password

What phone do you have? Galaxy S8

What plan are you on? Normal plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

Issue Description

When trying to check voicemail, sometimes it accepts my password and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve tried keying it in fast, slow, medium, when it doesn’t work it doesn’t work.

Sometimes I hang up and call voice mail right back and the password works.

It’s rather annoying.

  • Could you determine if this failure occurs over WiFi, Cellular or both?
    • It won’t help me provide a fix, as I have no idea what the cause could be, but your answer might help others help you

On my s9+ I do a one thousand one - one thousand two count where I hold the number down for the count.

The longer press as identified by @Majorninth has been known to work, as well as a 1-1.5 sec pause between numbers (both fixes apply to WiFi, which is what I was trying to determine in my 1st entry)

It’s a very annoying condition that seems to have something to do with how Republic’s service behaves with wifi. If upload input doesn’t map quite right to the password input timing, the password is rejected. Switching to cell coverage, if you have it, generally over-comes the rejection. I’ve found this rejection problem unique to Republic. If I switch to a different wifi phone service, I generally don’t encounter a similar problem.

It sounds like some of you are “dialing in” for voicemail on your Samsung phones.

Please see if this way for going to a voicemail works better for you:

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It’s not unique to Republic. VoIP and touchtones have had issues, well, since VoIP was invented. Generally, making sure you have a deliberate pause between the digits of the PIN it will usually work. Also, if you turn off the wifi before making the call, this will also likely resolve the issue.

I honestly don’t know but I am pretty sure it’s wifi.

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