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My voice mail notifications aren’t showing at the top bar of the home screen (i’m sure it has a name, but I don’t know what it is). I tried this app preferences reset (Voice Mail Notification issue), but it didn’t fix the issue. I don’t actually see if I have voice mail unless I go to the phone screen, then choose the voice mail icon. I also have the “activating visual voicemail” directive there, which I’ve done, but it won’t go away.

I had to do a complete factory reset a few weeks ago when a system update caused complete havoc, but Republic’s service seemed to run uninterrupted; I never took out the card. In fact, I was getting phone calls when my phone was “down”.




Sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. I’ve never seen this problem, personally. But, if it were happening on my phone, I would first clear the Android cache.. Next, I would uninstall the Republic app, power cycle the phone (power off/on), then reinstall the Republic app. I would expect this to correct the problem, unless there is an underlying issue in the coding as it relates to the Nexus.



Thanks for the quick reply! I tried your suggestion but it didn’t fix the issue. I use a caller spam app, Should I Answer?, because I get a TON of spam calls since joining Republic. I wonder if this is causing the issue. However, I used the app and didn’t have the issue before the factory reset. bangs head on desk



Number one, delete the spam caller app, for now, at least. The Android Settings allow you to add all spam numbers to a single contact (mine is named Unwanted) and set calls from that number to go straight to voicemail. Your phone never rings. You might get a voicemail notification now and then, but spam callers don’t often leave voicemail.

Number two, if that doesn’t mitigate the problem to a tolerable level, you can initiate a support ticket and ask to have your phone’s underlying network phone number changed. All RW phones have two numbers. You have to dig down a bit in the settings to find the second number, and you usually don’t even need to know it’s there. But, when your phone is assigned a number that someone else abandoned because they were getting hounded by collection agencies or scam artists, you should know that you can easily get that number changed, which should alleviate the problem.

I believe the method below will reveal your phone’s hidden second number,



Thanks for replying! I have uninstalled the spam-blocker app. I’m hesitant to request another “ghost” phone number because it could have as much or more spam as the current one. I’ve considered it, though. Because I’ve had the phone–and Republic service–for almost a year now, I’ve had been alerting Google to the spam numbers, which has cut down on them.

I didn’t know about the “unwanted” calls tip, so thank you!



Did removing the Spam Blocker app cause your notification to start working correctly?



Hi @theblackwhisker!

When we see this, it’s typically related to an app that is interfering with the notification system. We’ve actually created a Help Center Article for this issue as well. It sounds like the spam-blocker could be the culprit, or possibly another app. Did removing the spam-blocker help?

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Hi, all! It seems that the app was indeed the problem. Weird that it the voice mail problem wasn’t happening before the phone reset, but I can’t have everything, I guess. Thanks again for your help, everyone!

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Glad that solved it for you!


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