Voice Mail problem

When I go to check voicemail it says to enter a password and directs me to the RW app. I went to the App and set up a password and turned OFF the requirement to enter a password. Went back to access voicemail again and it’s still requesting I enter a password. When I enter the 4 digit password that I selected (and confirmed), it says that it’s wrong.

Thanks for guidance.

If you turn off the requirement to enter a password, you will not be able to access voicemail by dialing in. You can, however, access visual voicemail on the phone. There’s good information about that, here: Alternate ways to check voicemail

In order to dial into voicemail, you’ll need the password requirement turned on, and a PIN saved.

You may also need to call into voicemail over cell, because sometimes the digits you enter are not accurately transmitted over WiFi.

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