Voice mail requiring a password to listen to

First time I receive such voice mail that necessitates a password to listen to. I wanted to get rid of it without listening to its content but couldn’t. It “smells” like a scam. Any idea what is going on?

A voicemail password is now required in order to enhance security. Please see this document:


Thanks. I was able to create the password and listen to 4 msgs, a couple from a long time ago. However, this PW-enabled voicemail is not always the norm for my phone (and I really do not need it!). Yesterday, I got a voicemail that did NOT prompt the use of the PW. Instead, when I clicked ‘Listen’, it displayed the message “Loading the voicemail” followed a while later by “Unable to load the voice mail,” and I was never able to retrieve the content of the voicemail. This is frustrating.

Why can’t I just receive my voicemail the old way I always did since I joined RW over two years ago. How can I override the need to use a PW to listen to my voicemail and revert back to my much simpler 'Listen" option.

Hi @hamdyt,

Currently, there is no way to override using a password when dialing in to listen to voicemail. You might try listening locally on the phone as described by Republic here: Access Voicemail. Since you’re not dialing in, no password is required to listen.

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