Voice Mail - Today, 1st time, phone requiring password to get VM?


I have to enter a password to get use my phone I have never then had to enter a password to obtain a voicemail message. The password I use to open my phone was not an acceptable password, it tells me to go to Republic to set up my password, do I need ANOTHER password to get my VM? Is this a new thing? Today is the first time I have had to enter a password to get my VM. If anyone can help me ASAP, I have a VM I need to access. BTW, saw similar topics in a pop-up window to the right of this screen, clicked on a couple but then could not access those questions and answers. Thank you.



A search ‘voicemail password’ (top right) finds the question asked and answerd points to the Republics doc Why am I being ask to put in a voicemail password?
ETA: Direct link How to Setup or Change Your Voicemail Password – Republic Help … was on phone before :slight_smile:

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