Voice Mail - Turn On/Off/Disable/Block Straight to Voice Mail


Really do wish we could turn off voice mail. Some of us are not glued to the screen 24/7 and the plethora of voice mail robocalls is most annoying. Call me crazy but I am one of those people who does not want to wade through voice mail every day - 99% of them nuisance calls. If I can answer the phone I will. If not, call me later. Yes, I did read the response about what it would take to implement but now I am simply using my phone as an internet tablet or as a phone to make outbound calls only. Please give us this option.

What may be easier to do is to block calls from numbers that go straight to voice mail. We have to fight back in this war. If that option were advertised as a Republic perk I am sure a lot of people would switch from their current provider who are not blocking so many worthless calls.


Yes, it would be nice to simply block nuisance callers. Do you know your phone has two numbers, the RW number you and your correspondents know and a second, underlying carrier number?

Phone numbers are re-used and it is possible your underlying carrier number is receiving these calls. That is easy to check by looking at the call log in your account. If you aren’t finding these calls then they are going to the underlying number.

If this turns out to be the case, you can open a service ticket and ask RW support to change it to a different, hopefully clean number. Over the past 5 years I’ve had quite a few underlying numbers because a new one is issued every time one updates or switches phones. Most but not all of these have been good.


Hi @deanh.k7nop6,

There are third party apps and services which purport to block unwanted calls without sending them to voicemail. I’ve used this one with some success:


It has the ability to sync with the FCC’s list of known spam callers.

Nomorobo has recently brought its service to Android phones in the form of a beta:

I’ve used Nomorobo for some time now with several Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services I use as landline replacements. It’s highly effective for that use case.

Another member recently mentioned TrapCall:

Finally, though one cannot turn off Republic’s voicemail, there is the option of using a third party’s voicemail that’s more flexible. One of the VoIP services I use Callcentric offers free voicemail and free numbers in New York state. Callcentric’s voicemail can be effectively disabled using its’ do not disturb feature. You’d send callers to Callcentric via Republic’s voicemail forwarding: How to Enable Voicemail Forwarding – Republic Help. More on Callcentric here: https://www.callcentric.com.

I appreciate none of the above is exactly what you’re looking for, however, it and @billg’s suggestion might help alleviate the situation.


Ahhhh. Thanks for this. Knowledge is power.


Options! Alright! I’m spending a lot of time on security these days and these shared tips save me a lot of time and concern. Thanks!


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