Voice mail updates not available

greetings i could not find the answer via search,

when ever someone tries to leave me a msg (i use the RW canned msg) my moto X 2nd gen starts buzzing and chirping and will not stop until i power the phone down then on again. no where have i found and explanation or way to remedy this problem… today the phone did the usual and a msg on the phone app said voice mail updates not available - call voice mail. this voice mail number is one i do not know so have not yet dialed it…

any clarity please?



The three voicemail numbers are 18056377456, 2146649147 or 8557722900

as noted in this document


The normal action would be that the phone sounds the standard notification tone once the

voicemail is left by the caller.

A couple of easy things to try would be

Clearing the Cache

also, try running the phone in

Safe Mode

to see if that clears up continuous buzzing after voicemail. If it works normal in Safe Mode then you would have to

look at your downloaded apps to see if they are interfering with normal operation.

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