Voice service St John's US Virgin Islands?


I am going to St John’s in the US Virgin Islands in a few weeks. Can I get voice service with my Republic Voice plan?

Moto E gen 2


Here is the coverage for the U.S. Virgin Islands

Source is RW’s cleverly hidden CDMA coverage map

Coverage Check | Republic Wireless


Hi @keithl.rnmlox

A quick search resulted in this information…

My Republic Service

(https://community.republicwireless.com/docs/DOC-2471#jive_content_id_FAQ )

Is service available in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Alaska, New Hampshire or Hawaii?

You can make outbound calls to Per Call Countries. Per Call Countries include Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, American Somoa, Northern Mariana Islands, Johnston Atoll, Midway Atoll, and the Wake Island.


Thanks! I assume I can make calls from the US Virgin Islands TO the continental US?


Hi @keithl.rnmlox,

You presume correctly.


Yes you can. It is possible you can also make land-line calls to the U.S. over submarine cable and cell calls over WiFi.