Voice text will not work when not on Wi-Fi

My voice text will not work when I am off of Wi-Fi I have my data Frozen

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Google’s voice typing is one of those magical things of tech that works nicely when it does work. In order to figure out what you typed, it normally has to send it out to Google where the computers can take your voice and convert it to words.

With data freeze, your data should be blocked and the phone should operate in a sort of offline mode.

There should be a offline function to the Google Voice keyboard. You can double check that it is enabled in the language settings in the “Settings” app :settingsicon: on the phone. You can find it in the Languages option and possibly under virtual keyboard. Look for the offline section and see if the phone has English offline downloaded.

One thing that I have noticed with Google apps however is that with some data blocking, the phone has different ways of checking to see if it is online or not. In some cases, although you are “blocking” data with the data saver mode, Google doesn’t properly detect that it is offline. In this case, this may be one reason while the offline voice to text doesn’t work. The keyboard may think it is online (even though data is blocked) and try to send the work out to Google but it doesn’t make it there or back thus not working.

Unfortunately Google doesn’t pick up the fact that data is blocked, and attempts to use voice typing in online mode when data freez is enabled. I’ve also tested this with numerous third-party firewall apps and it acts the same way. You actually have to turn data off to the phone entirely for Google to use the offline mode.

TL;DR Google doesn’t properly detect data freeze as the phone being offline and therefore voice typing does not work properly with data freeze enabled.


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