Voice to text inserts the word "oh" before commas?

I have a Moto G4 Plus, and for months, my phone has been randomly inserting the word “oh” before a comma when I use voice to text. For example, I just sent a text to my partner:

Me, speaking: “I am kind of slacking off this afternoon comma I have a meeting at 4”
My phone types: “I am kind of slacking off this afternoon oh, I have a meeting at 4”

It only seems to happen when I say the word “comma”, and it only happens every now and then. It can occur in multiple apps, anything that has voice to text enabled.

This probably isn’t a Republic issue and more about something weird with my phone, but it’s perplexing me and I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this??

Hi @ediea.akp6g1
You are not alone with this issue. Googling show that others are experiencing the behavior as well. There was only one place/post I found that someone said they were able to make it stop.
They said:

"I have Android Note 8 and use Google Voice and I was getting the same problem where it adds the word oh before every, I am dictating this right now and it looks like I fixed it because it’s not adding the word oh before every, I fixed it like going into messages where my keyboard pops up and then I tapped on the settings icon then tapped on the reset default settings then tapped on the clear personalized data. Then I can’t remember how I found it but I found Google Voice and then went into settings and did the exact same two steps. And then I restarted my phone and now it seems to work fine. I did this because I read someone else who said they clear the cache and I did not have that option so I clear the personalized data which is probably the same thing and it seems to have worked because now I could use a, and I don’t get the word oh. Because, that, would, really, ****, me, off,… seems to have fixed the problem.

Why is it when I use a comma in voice to text it automatically inserts the word oh before the comma?

Note that the poster said they were not able to do a clear cache on their model of phone. However you should be able to on your G4 Plus. Here are instructions for that:

Clear Cache Partition - moto g4 plus

Hope this helps!

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@ediea.akp6g1 Are you still having this issue?

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