Voice to text no longer working

I have a Moto G (1st gen–OK, OK, I know it’s time to move on…) running Lollipop (5.1). All apps are fully updated. Sometime in the last 2-3 weeks, something broke my voice to text. It no longer works in the Gmail app or the stock Messaging app. That’s where I had used voice-to-text successfully for the past 3 years. The UI looks slightly different now, too, which makes me wonder. When I tap the microphone, it says “initializing” for a couple of seconds, then “Speak now”, then “Listening…”, but it never converts speech to text.

Another interesting thing about this is that when I first tap the microphone image, for just a second or so, the half-tone 1/8 circle doo-dad to the left of the microphone (that seems to report the amount of decibels detected by the microphone) grows and shrinks like it’s listening, but then it freezes up and never moves again until I tap the microphone again (turning off the function).

I know the microphone works fine–just called my wife and she can hear me without a problem. Any ideas? This phone was headed to recycling in a couple of months anyway, but thought I’d have full function until then.

See if it works in Safe Mode

Safe Mode

Thank you very much for the idea! It worked fine in Safe Mode. Rebooted again, and now it works outside Safe Mode. So presumably I have an app or two that is causing trouble, but I don’t know yet which one it is. But at least I know it’s (probably) not an OS or Messaging app problem.

If I figure out what it is, I’ll write back in with an update. Thanks again!

You are welcome! Thanks for reporting back. Letting us know which app caused the problem will be helpful to others.

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