Voicemail Busy Tone

What phone do you have? Moto g(7) Power

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

Issue Description

Voicemail hangs up on me when I dial connected to Wi-Fi (disconnects when I enter my Pin).
When I disconnect from Wi-Fi and try calling, I get a busy signal and then hung up on.
Due to issues between Republic and Android, I cannot access Visual Voicemail (tried all steps in other workaround thread), so ultimately I am without this key feature.

Hi @andrewm.84vxsg,

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I’m going to point you to another Member that has the same issue. Please see if the suggestions they got work for you:

I’m getting: “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private” when I click that link.

Oops, fixed the link… it should work now. Thanks @cbwahlstrom :slight_smile:

That doesn’t solve my issue. It doesn’t work on wifi and when it try on cell I get a busy tone. No workarounds work. Seems service and functionality have gone downhill lately

I’m the OP with that issue and it’s not been resolved beyond: turn off wifi to use VM.

The current issue from @andrewm.84vxsg doesn’t seem to be the same as the issue I pointed out.

Being endlessly referred to other topics that aren’t the same and don’t resolve the issue is not what I would consider a useful support thread.

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Hi @andrewm.84vxsg,

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When calling Voicemail on WiFi we recommend that you mute the phone while entering the PIN. @karens, this part of the issue sounds the same as what you describe, but as you had not let us know earlier what you tried and what the results are, we were not aware you were still having issues. The DTMF tones often don’t work on WiFi, but muting the phone seems to usually get around that issue.

@andrewm.84vxsg have you noticed if your phone also gives a busy signal when you dial any other Republic phone number? If so, I think you may want to uninstall the updates to the Republic app, reboot the phone, and re-install the updates. Step-by-step instructions are here:

Please let us know if either of these steps are helpful, and if you still need help, we’ll continue to try to assist you. I’m surprised to read that uninstalling the updates to the Phone app and turning off auto-update did not restore Visual Voicemail to your phone.

No busy tone with any other number. No one else I know uses Republic anymore (I’m starting to see why). Visual voicemail disappears even if I follow the steps. Busy tone when I try to call on cell, hung up on when on WiFi. Republic really has gone downhill if they can’t even get a basic feature like voicemail to work without multiple workarounds.

I used to be a promoter and advocate for you all, but no more.

Please see if you get a busy signal if you dial 919 - 230 -2172.

Please tell me exactly what steps you’re following and describe what you see on the phone.

I appreciate your past enthusiasm for us, and understand that this would change your opinion. Voicemail is a very important part of phone service and we are doing what we can to assist our members who are impacted by this issue.

The reason I didn’t bother to update was that I was receiving advice like “turn off wifi” when I’d clearly stated that it wasn’t a reasonable option.

Btw, nothing that was suggested has worked.

I just discovered that if I enter my PIN slowly (about a second between digits) it doesnt hang up on me.
Hopefully the visual voicemail issue will be resolved soon.

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