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I can’t seem to get voicemail forwarding to work. I need to forward my RW voicemail to google voice so I can get transcription. When I enter my GV number, it always comes up “failed”. This is a moto g4. I never had a problem with my old Defy, as a matter of fact the old number still forwards. Is this because of Tmobile? Anyone have a work around? I am going to put the question out to the GV boards, too.

Hi @johndb,

I just tested voicemail forwarding on my Huawei Ascend 5W to a Google Voice number without issue. There is no reason to believe the fact your Moto G4 might be provisioned with Republic’s GSM network partner is the reason for the difficulty. In fact, unlike my Ascend which is GSM only, it’s entirely possible your G4 is provisioned for coverage with Republic’s CDMA partner (Sprint) rather than its’ GSM partner.

You mention your DEFY is still voicemail forwarding to the Google Voice target number? If I’ve got that right, please try disabling voicemail forwarding on the DEFY, then see if enabling voicemail forwarding on the G4 works.

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is the defy still active and forwarding to the same google voice?

Republic can only handle 1 number being forward to a the same number (the seconded phone being forward will always fails)

Hey thanks, guys. I was able to remove the forwarding from the old phone and enable it on the Moto g (at least there were no error messages) BUT I am not out of the woods yet. The phone rings 4 or 5 times then right to a busy signal with no opportunity to leave a voice message at all. Also, I don’t know if it is related or not, but when I went into phone settings and call settings, I got data SIMM card error messages. As if that were not enough, when I went to activate in GV settings, it said RW was not a supported carrier, so I tried Tmobile when I put in the number and hit call and it did not like that either.

Success! Turns out I was a digit off in the forwarding (GV) number. Still have the other issues mentioned but not problems at present. Thanks again to rolandh and drm186.

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