Voicemail from 214-nnn-9147; Can't remove notification; auto dials when selected

What phone do you have? Moto G4
What plan are you on? Older Refund plan
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes data

My wife’s phone got a notification that there was a voice mail. Said to call the above number. When tapping the notification, it instantly started dialing the number, no message. Hung up immediately, didn’t want to risk connecting to something unknown. Cannot remove the notification. Went to phone->history and selected the entry (no phone number where it was from) then details then trash. This removed it from history, but notification was still there. Rebooted phone and it went away.

How can a voicemail hijack one’s phone like that and autodial a number? The web shows it as spam and/or malicious. How do we prevent that from happening? Not even sure the number it came from was the same as what it wanted you to dial, so not sure if it can be blocked.

Note the nnn is 664. The forum would not let me create the post with the full number in it

is your phone on cdma?
according to my E2 that is the Sprint voicemail number
or the number your phone is going to call so you can get your voicemails
you can go to the phone app and press and hold 1 so it will dial your voicemail then follow the instruction

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