Voicemail gone from Samsung A11 running Android 10

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Samsung A11 - Android 10
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I recently got a new phone. I do not see the voice mail tab. I have looked at other threads - " Voicemail shenanigans! Strange messages, no voicemail tab in phone app?]" but this has not solved my problem.

The republic wireless version I have is - version I do not have phone by google installed it is using another app by default out of the box.

If I go into the republic wireless app and set a 4 pin passcode for voicemail and try to connect to voicemail by holding 1. It will call voicemail and as I enter my 4 pin passcode and before I enter # it will disconnect.

Any thoughts on how I can getting this working?


Hi @brentw.kfo5er,

The missing Visual Voicemail tab mentioned in the other topic you referenced is specific to Motorola and Pixel phones, which use the Google Phone app by default.

The Samsung Phone app does an impressive job of hiding visual voicemail, requiring multiple steps, as if it’s a top-secret access code for only the most knowledgeable spy. You’ll have to follow every step carefully, as even tapping just slightly off-center in one of the steps will break the “code”.

As far as dialing into voicemail, if sometimes the PIN cannot be transmitted over WiFi. If you’ll mute the phone as you enter the PIN that may help. If it still disconnects, you’ll want to try calling voicemail over cell.

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