Voicemail hangs up after entering PIN

On a Google Pixel 4A phone, I have data, text and talk, and can’t get into voicemail on wifi. I dial the voicemail number, am greeted by the voice telling me to enter my pin, and then I do, and the call hangs up.

I can only access VM over cell. However, I’ve just moved to a house where the cell service is non-existent and can’t access the VM at all now.

There was a previous topic with this same issue but it was closed and directed to another help topic relating to finding the VM tab on the phone. This wasn’t my issue.

Please help.

From Voicemail Password No Longer Recognized:

Any one of the three following tips can improve the entry of touchtone codes over WIFi

  1. Mute the call while entering the password
  2. Enter the password slowly , allowing a pause for up to a full second between each number
  3. Try calling with the WiFi setting turned off
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The simple answer is to turn off wifi before calling voicemail. Basically a 100% fix unless you’re in a location without cellular service.

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