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Moto E Power

Issue Description

An earlier PHONE app update had broken voicemail. No voicemail icon in phone app bar. No voicemail notifications. Reverting the app brought voicemail back to working state.

Just did the full Android system update being pushed on my Android phone. I wasn’t thinking and didn’t check to see if the voicemail feature was fixed in this release. This morning I saw a blip that my Phone app had been updated. Bang, voicemail is gone.

So, I am back to no on phone voicemail. The voicemail icon is gone, and I have to dial in to check for messages. Problem is I see no way to revert the phone app. In the play store, there is an update waiting, because I had turned off autoupdates after the last fiasco. So there is no way to revert, either.

Visual Voicemail also appears non-existent (it failed to work the last time, too).


Android 11 April 1, 2021
Moto G Power 2020 XT2041-4

Have you reviewed the directions here: Visual Voicemail Suddenly Missing – Republic Help (republicwireless.com) ?

Hi @timm.l2n5o1,

I use the Moto G Power 2020, also updated to Android 11 last week, and let the Play Store then update all my apps, since that’s usually needed after an OS update, and my visual voicemail is working just fine.

Please let us know if the steps @louisdi shared and updating your apps gets everything working again.

Same problem. Indicated solution did not work.

Hi @thomasb.y7qj9c,

Could you describe for us what you’re seeing, and what steps you’ve taken?

I want to know why, after months of this issues being cobbled to work, why it hasn’t been fixed? I have the One Ace and this has been an issue since before I bought it apparently. I find it disappointing that I have a new device that hasn’t worked correctly since day one and yet no fix seems to be anywhere in sight. Yes, we have a work around, no, that is NOT the solution. So my question is, will this ever be fixed and when if so?

Hi @leslieb.6tqjyy,

Our developers released an app update in response to the changes to the Phone app by Google so that Visual Voicemail does work. Are you still unable to use Visual Voicemail?

I’m still using the workaround, the updates did nnot fix this

Let’s see if we can figure that out, then. What versions of the RW app and the Phone app are currently installed on your phone? and I just checked with google and I have the newest phone app

And what happens when you try to enable visual voicemail in the Phone app?

just says can’t activate visual voicemail

Well, I don’t know why but I finally have normal voicemail! I’ve had to call my number to get it. I’m good enough with that.

As we indicated in the Help Article, the Phone app will continue to display a message that it cannot activate visual voicemail, but that’s a false error in the Phone app, and the list of voicemail is expected to be displayed below it.

It sounds like you are seeing the list of voicemail. I’m glad you asked about it and we were able to walk through it.

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