Voicemail Icon on Motorola E 4


Is there any way to be able to display the voicemail icon on the “main” screen of this Moto E 4? My old Moto X and other current Moto X phones do show this display on the main screen.


It sounds like you might be describing a widget. I don’t see any such widget available on either a Moto X Pure or Moto E4+ in my household. Sometimes, a picture is better than a description. Might you post a screenshot of your Moto X’s screen showing the icon/widget. It might also help if you identified the generation (1st, 2nd, etc.).


did you set up your voicemail with a password in the RW app
rw app > tap gear upper right > voicemail settings, 3rd option > use voicemail password > check box > enter 4 digit pin.
then you can do the greeting if you wish…


Hi Rolandh. On my Moto X gen 1 (now retired) and my current Moto X pure phones, an active voice mail message is indicated by the “standard” voice mail icon. On both of these phones it’s on the 1st page (screen.) I simply have to swipe down and the voicemail message is there. It’s similar with the E-4 model except I need to push the blue phone icon which brings up the “phone” page. The voicemail icon will be displayed on this screen when messages present. I’m just hoping to be able to get this to display on screen 1 rather than the phone page screen. I will need instructions on how to do screenshots for the Moto E & X phones.
Thx, Steve M.


Hi @mnsteve

I have both phones myself and currently sport the MXP.

Try pressing the Power and Volume -, (down) buttons at the same time. I think the camera sound is the default, so you should hear it, click… and it will create a “screen shots” folder in your gallery.



Are you referring to the ability to swipe down on the phone app icon and seeing the notification presented at the top of your screen?


Thank you to all who have responded. What i was trying to accomplish was to get the “voice mail” icon to display on the 1st screen of the Moto E-4. It is strictly a convenience thing. The Moto X phones display this voice mail icon on the 1st screen—The Moto E-4 does not display the voice mail icon on the 1st screen.
I am going to consider my question answered or “closed.” Thanks for your input.


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