Voicemail not answering from calling R.W. user

What phone do you have? Nexus 5X

What plan are you on? Current 3.0/4.0 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1GB

Issue Description

My mother (who is on R.W. 2.0 plan and Moto G 1st gen phone) calls my R.W. phone and reports that the Voicemail is not answering, its just dead air.

I have called my R.W. phone from every other phone I can get my hands, on, Sprint, VZW, landline, and home phone (uses VOIP device with Google Voice) Each time, I get the VM message fine, no matter if my R.W phone reports the call is coming through via Cell or R.W network.

It seems only her phone, an R.W phone is the one that is not getting my VM.

Standard R.W VM greeting, never changed.

I did try the VOIP reset thing on my phone. Didn’t effect anything.

Any ideas?

Ok…so I “Forgot” my home wifi network and reconnected to it. (WPA2 hidden SSID) and had her call again.

This time the VM answered fine.

Odd thing. Cause,part of my testing, I disabled wifi so my phone was on cell only, and had her call, and the VM still did not answer.

Is there something with the R.W. app and WiFI that effect how the VM service works?

My best guess is that this was likely an issue with incoming call rather than your own voicemail.

I think it was most likely just a coincidence that the issue went away after you “Forgot” and re-connected to your WiFi.

It should not matter whether your phone is on WiFi or cellular, in terms of an incoming call to be routed to your voicemail.

Well I would think that…but she reports that is has been happening for a week or 2 now. So it wasn’t just the calls today.

If it happens again a worthwhile test might be to try switching off your WiFi…and see if the calls gets through…if that does happen then perhaps a support ticket might be in order to debug it further.

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