Voicemail Not Resonding to Input

I missed a call today and went to check my voicemail.

I used the “Call Voicemail” option, was connected. However, after hearing the message and being prompted to replay, delete, etc, I pressed 1 to replay. Nothing happened. Despite the number 1 appearing on my screen, the input was not received. I tried pressing 1 repeatedly, the numbers appear on the screen but the voicemail action prompts would repeat as if I had done nothing. I was on my home Wifi network at the time.

I turned wfi off and repeated my actions on cellular. I got the same results. No issues dialing into voicemail but no matter what action I tried to input, it was not received. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
FWIW, Apple iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 13.3.1

Hi @jennc , thanks for sharing!

Is this the first time you’ve checked voicemail on your iPhone? Do you have issues with any other call that requires inputting into your keypad during a call (when you call your bank’s automated service number, for example)?

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I did just try my banks automated number while using wifi and had no issues with my input being received and the bank’s system responding to the commands.

Thus far, this is an issue only when I use my iPhone to check my Republic Wireless voicemail.

And is this occurring with every voicemail or so far just the one that originally presented the issue?

I have tried dialing into my voicemail a few times and it does not respond to any commands.

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