Voicemail not working after phone upgrade

What phone do you have? Moto X4

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1 (4.0).

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Talk and Text.

Issue Description

Yesterday, I upgraded to a Moto X4 from a Moto X Pure, using the same SIM card. Everything is working except that when I try to access Voicemail, either by dialing the number 1 or by tapping the icon, I get a busy signal. When a call comes in, if I don't answer it, the caller gets a busy signal instead of going to voicemail. I've also tried to set up voicemail through the RW app, and I get an error message: 'a network connection is required...' and I am connected to WiFi and/or LTE. I have searched the database of help topics and can't find a solution. Please help. Thanks. Jon

Try resetting your Republic credentials.

Hi Sean. Thanks for your help. Just did the 8647 (VOIP) reset. No change in Voicemail situation. Will await your next suggestion. Thanks again. Jon

Upgraded from Moto X Pure to Moto X4 with same SIM card on June 7 and have not been able to access Voicemail (get busy signal, as do callers when I don’t or can’t answer phone). Service is data and text on My Choice + 1 (4.0). Expert Sean R. recommended a VOIP (8647) reset, which I did, without success. Voicemail Settings on the RW App says: “Voicemail Settings Unavailable. A network connection is required…” Everything else seems to be working well. I do have WiFi and LTE network connections and can call out and receive calls and apps all appear to work as before. Appreciate any additional help.

Issue Description

This is really a long shot. Moving the SIM to a different phone might have impacted the voice mail PIN setting in your account. Try changing the PIN there, even changing it to the same one you have been using.

Thanks, but the RW app won’t give me access to the Voicemail settings. Do you know another approach to changing VM settings?

Hi @jon_g,

I’ve moved your second post into the original topic on the same matter, so we can focus troubleshooting in one place.

I’m afraid this won’t help. The Account PIN in the Account portal is not in any way associated with the Voicemail PIN.

I’m afraid moving a SIM card from one phone to another does not always work seamlessly. If you don’t happen to have another of our SIM cards available to activate in the new phone, could you please open a ticket on the matter so our technicians can take a look at your service line?

Thanks. I opened a ticket on day one of the problem: Ticket Details | Republic Wireless.
Waiting for reply. Happy to buy a new SIM card, but was out of stock when I bought the new phone.

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Really? I set that PIN on the account portal while back…and it works for my VM.
I dont recall using the app to ever adjust my VM settings…:thinking:

But thanks for pointing that out.

Hi @jon_g,

Thanks. I’ve checked on your ticket and I see that a couple of additional comments you added, while valuable, moved the ticket out of its “New” status, changing its place in line. I’ve let our support team know you’ve been waiting a very long time for a reply.

They have been a bit swamped due to an unusual outage we were experiencing on some accounts, so we are running a bit behind in response-time right now.

Thank you. I did order a new SIM CARD and I’m betting that will solve the problem. I’ll certainly try any additional recommendations and I’ll follow up in any event. Best regards.

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